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7 ways to radiate elegant energy

Have you ever met someone who had a magnetic presence about them that you couldn’t really explain? It was more of something that you could feel? Someone who was polite, and caring but they also were well respected and liked? That is what I like to call elegant energy.

Elegant energy is becoming harder to find as I get older because I’ve realized that many women don’t want to be elegant anymore.

For me, I want to have a very elegant presence. I want to be kind, respected, and remembered. I also what to continue to have a magnetic presence that draws people in. But not just anyone, a presence that attracts the right kind of people.

In today’s post, I’m going to share seven ways that you can radiate elegant energy

1.Maintain good posture and body language.

Did you know that human communication is 55% nonverbal? Even in times where you aren’t speaking, your body language says it all.

Elegant ladies know all about good posture and good body language. For example, checking your watch while someone is speaking to you may come across as you being bored with the conversation. Keeping your arms folded at an event is signaling that you are closed off and you don’t want to socialize.

Be mindful of how you are using body to communicate. Learn how to sit like a lady, practice walking with proper posture, etc.

2.Speak elegantly.

Second to body language, we communicate with our words. Is your manner of speech elegant? Sometimes it can be difficult to break away from using less elegant types of speech, because many of us have been speaking a certain way for our whole lives.

Nevertheless, it is important to learn to speak like an elegant woman. As someone who works in retail, I spend a lot of time with a lot of different people.

The women that I consider the most elegant are the women that are genuinely kind and well spoken. I’ve had many well dressed women in my store that were impolite.

I have create an entire lesson on elegant speaking in my course. You can learn all of my hacks for leveling up the way you speak.

3.Be kind, even if someone isn’t being kind to you.

The women who I consider the most elegant are the women who are able to maintain their gracefulness during trying times. When they aren’t getting their way at the customer service desk, when someone cuts the line in the grocery store, or when the neighbor does something they don’t like.

Elegant energy is being able to rise above all other people who are radiating toxic energy. There is no need to spend time stooping to someone else’s level just to prove a point.

By staying elegant through tough situations, you are proving to be more emotionally mature as well.

4. Be elegant on social media.

As I’ve stated before in previous blog posts, we live in a world where people are able to have two identities. One is their real identity, and the other is their digital identity.

The content that you post online and how you interact with other people online says a lot about your character and the woman that you really are.

If you want to exude elegant energy, your real life personality needs to match the elegance that you are portraying on social media. This post gives more details about being elegant on social media.

5.Be a good employee/co worker.

Do you have a co worker who is difficult to be around? Maybe they don’t do their job properly. Maybe they are always late to work. Maybe they are actually toxic and cause problems in the work environment. Don’t be that woman.

You want to be easy to work with and no problematic in the workplace. Don’t cause drama, don’t try and make work life harder for other people even if other people aren’t as elegant as you.

Go to work and be pleasant to be around.

6.Master table manners.

Eating is another way that we can tell how elegant a person. Not just eating food, but knowing what to talk about around the dinner table, making sure you aren’t eating too much, and making sure that you are fully aware of proper table manners.

This seems very basic, but I definitely see women who don’t know how to use proper table manners and could definitely use some time learning the tips in my elegance course.

Either way, one of the ways people can tell if you are elegant or not is if you know how to navigate a meal in a group setting.

7.If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.

I’ve been hearing this my whole life, but I appreciate it much more now that I teach modern elegance. Don’t spend time in conversation speaking negatively about people or other things.

Speak with intention and be positive. We all want to be around people with a positive attitude.

Do you want to become more elegant in just 60 days or less?

If yes, my signature course, Modern Elegance Simplified is perfect for you!

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