8 Timeless, elegant beauty looks to try

Are you exhausted with the ever changing beauty trends? I know that I am. It seems like every single day there is a new trend or aesthetic that we should be following.

These trends come complete with hair, makeup, and fashion looks. They are instantly spread all over the internet so that everyone focuses on looking the same.

If it’s one thing that I’ve noticed over the years, it’s the slow decline of individuality. Because everyone seems to be following some trend or aesthetic.

I stopped that years ago.

And the quality of my life has significantly improved.

Leveling up my life meant changing the way I presented myself to the world. I decided I wanted to go with more simple and timeless looks instead of following the hottest new trends.

The result?

Saving money on makeup because I now have a capsule makeup collection that helps me create all of the makeup looks that I could ever need.

Not stressed out about what to wear because I have also created a capsule wardrobe that will transcend time. The clothes in my closet I can wear now, or 10 years from now and they will still be cute because I stopped following trends.

Feeling more authentic because I’m not worried about what everyone else is doing or where to get the latest styles.

If you came to this post because you want to look more elegant and timeless, I’m going to share 8 hair and beauty ideas to look simple, classy and timeless.

Here are some of my favorite elegant beauty looks that will never go out of style.

Winged eyeliner and blush: one of my favorite elegant beauty looks

Although I’m not very good at doing a good wing (normally one wing looks better than the other) I love the look of a strong wing and a little bit of blush with a nude lip color.

I use tape to get a straight line with my liner. I use a pencil to draw the wing and then a fine tip liquid liner on top to make it extra dark and more defined.

I never wear false lashes, but these lashes look incredible on her!

elegant beauty looks
source @anushasweet

Heavy bottom liner

I used to wear eyeliner on my waterline all the time when I was younger. Now every time I wear it I feel like it makes my eyes look very small and it makes me look tired. I think this year I’m going to try and bring bottom liner.

I love how this look is really smokey with a light wing as well. I’m not sure if I’m going to give dark bottom liner a try this year.

source @melaninsmakeup

The ultimate glam: Big hair and red lips.

My favorite winter/holiday look is full glam. I am in love with big, voluminous curls and a red lip during the colder months.

I only have 3 red lipsticks in my capsule makeup collection. A classic red that I wear in the spring and summer, a dark red that I wear in the fall, and a very dark red that I wear in the wintertime.

All three shades of red are wonderful to wear when I want a full glam look.

source @marenanicole

No foundation natural glam

I love a good no foundation makeup look, especially in the summer. It gets very hot where I live and where I go on vacation, and the last thing I want to worry about on a summer day is how my makeup is holding up.

I’m already glowing from spending my summer days at the pool or at the beach, so this is a perfect makeup look for the warmer months.

source @melaninsmakeup

Timeless nail ideas: Red

While nail shapes come and go with the trends, a classic red nail will never go out of style. It doesn’t matter if you get gel polish on your natural nails, or get tips put on for extra length and shape.

Red nails paired with neutral outfits will always look classy and elevated. Just make sure you choose the right shade for your skin tone.

I choose my nails the way I choose my lipstick. A classic red for warmer months and darker red for fall and winter.

source @jessicawhitenailartist

Short French tips: The ultimate timeless nail look

This nail look has been around for years. A classic, short French tip is another nail look that will never go out of style. Short nails feel natural and don’t make it harder to do normal things like use your phone, and they also look very natural.

elegant beauty looks
source @jessicawhitenailartist

Neutral nails

I am loving almond nails, and while my go-to mani is always going to be a French tip, sometimes that can get old and you might be looking for a fresh new look. In that case, might I suggest you try a natural color on almond nails.

A very common color that I’ve been seeing online lately is O.P.I. Bubble bath and O.P.I. Funny Bunny. I have yet to try either of those colors but a light pink shade is a wonderful option for an elegant neutral.

source @jessicawhitenailartist

The almond shaped French tip: my go to nail look

This is the manicure that I get every single time. I love it because it is classic and always looks good in photos I take as well.

I loved the square shape growing up but now I only ever do an almond shape and I like to keep my nails at a natural length. If you are ever in doubt about what nails to get, go for French.

source @jessicawhitenailartist

Remember: When trying to look timeless, less is always more.

All of these looks are classic and very minimal. The key to looking expensive, sophisticated and timeless is to remember that less is more. Choosing elegant beauty looks and natural nails are always the way to go for a timeless look.

When I am rearing red lipstick, I like to pair it with an all black outfit so that I don’t over do the look. I’m always trying to be as simple and effortless as possible.

If you aren’t very good at doing your hair or makeup, the only way to get better is by purchasing the right products and practicing more. That is how I learned to do my hair and makeup as a teenager!

Sending love,


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