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7 Signs you are a girl’s girl

2017. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The biggest fashion show of the year. The whole world will be watching and the pressure is on. For one model, this turned into one of the worst days of her career.

She was wearing a beautiful outfit with a long white train. Halfway through her walk on the runway, she slips on the train and falls in front of everyone. Everyone is shocked. This doesn’t happen too often on the Victoria’s Secret runway after all. 

She is heartbroken and she is trying to stand up while fixing her beautiful headpiece, the next model has caught up to her. 

And what does this model do?

She stops and helps her up, claps for her and then pauses so that she can finish her walk and have her moment. 

The model who fell finished her walk and then left the runway in tears. Even though it was a tough moment for her, I didn’t see it as embarrassing. I saw it as a beautiful moment of feminine energy and grace. 

I saw another model who didn’t have to stop her walk in the biggest fashion show of the year to help, do the right thing supporting the other model.

To me, this is a perfect example of being a girl’s girl.

Are you here because you want to become more connected with your feminine energy? One of the ways you can tell if you have signs of healthy feminine energy is by checking if you are a girl’s girl or not.

You might be reading this and wondering what exactly is a girl’s girl?

In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing everything you need to know about being a girl’s girl. What it is, how it pertains to feminine energy and signs that you are a girl’s girl.

What is a girl’s girl?

I think we all have had experiences growing up (or even as an adult) with mean girls, but what about the girls who are genuine and kind? I’ve always noticed those kinds of girls but I never knew there was a proper term for them until the term Girl’s Girl started making its rounds on the internet. 

On my level up journey, I want to make sure that I am a girl’s girl, surround myself with other girl’s girls and raise my daughters to be girl’s girls as well.

Girl’s Girl (according to Urban Dictionary)

Girl’s girls are emotionally mature, they don’t see other women as competition and aren’t overly jealous either. They understand that there is enough space in this world for everyone to shine, and there is no need to diminish other people. 

Girl’s Girls and feminine energy.

I truly believe that being a girl’s girl is all about channeling and celebrating everything that has to do with being a woman. 

A girl’s girl is pro women, and protects her relationship with other women. Not only is she amazing with her friends and the women in her circle, but she is kind and uplifting to women she doesn’t know as well. 

If you are just beginning your quest to become more feminine, one of the best places to start is by making sure that you are treating other women with respect. 

7 Signs that you are a girl’s girl

1.You are supportive of other women.

Sometimes it is difficult to be supportive of other people when you see them experiencing the success that you desire for yourself. 

Sometimes it can be easier to scroll past that pretty girl’s post because you feel like she looks better than you and it makes you feel insecure. 

There will always be situations where it is easier to not celebrate another woman. It happens all the time. It is a little bit of jealousy mixed with your own insecurity.

One of the signs that you are a girl’s girl is that you are able to celebrate, compliment, and congratulate other women-even if you are a bit jealous of the life they are living.

2.You always tell a woman if she needs to fix something.

You come across a woman who has something in her teeth. Instead of avoiding the potentially awkward situation of making her aware, you tell her right away so she doesn’t walk around like that all day and wonder why no one told her. 

You never want another girl to be unaware of something like that around you.

3.You help when a woman is in need.

There is a memory that is forever imprinted in my brain. During my senior prom, there was a girl wearing a long golden dress. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath the dress because she didn’t want underwear lines. 

Unfortunately for her, aunt flo came to visit during prom and stained the back of her dress. One girl noticed and several other girls gathered around her and walked her to the bathroom so that other people couldn’t see what had happened. 

Someone found safety pins and feminine products. They pinned the dress in such a way that the stains were unseen and she was able to enjoy the rest of the night. 

I think about that all the time. How everyone stepped in to help on the biggest night of a girl’s life.

If you would have been one of the girls helping with the dress, It is a sign of healthy feminine energy.

4.You don’t gatekeep

Another term that I learned from Tik Tok. Gatekeeping is withholding information from someone. We will see this on a girl’s post when she is wearing a beautiful dress and everyone is asking her where she bought the dress, but she refuses to give an answer.

This is a basic example of gatekeeping. But girls will gatekeep because they doesn’t want others to have access to their resources.

5. You treat people the same no matter who you are around. 

I’ve heard about a lot of girls who turn mean to their friends depending if they are around other men or another group of friends. They tend to switch up their personality when they are around men or other women who aren’t nice.

It is never okay to put another woman down to impress other people.

If you are the type of girl who has a consistent personality and is able to compliment another girl even if she isn’t in the room with you, then this is a green flag.

6. You are comfortable complimenting other women (genuine compliments) on social media or in person, especially women that you don’t know that well.

There have been times when girls have gone out of their way to come up to me and compliment my outfit, my looks, etc. They aren’t afraid to express their positive feelings to bring others up and that is a beautiful thing. 

7.You are supportive of your friends.

Sometimes it can be difficult to have long term friendships. Some of the healthiest friendships become strong when women are very supportive of one another, even if they aren’t experiencing the same wins as their friends are at the moment. 

Being a girl’s girl doesn’t mean that you have to be nice to every single woman.

Some women are mean, jealous, and toxic. I hate to say it, but it’s true. And that is okay. There will always be people in the world who aren’t good energy. 

You might encounter these types of women at work or through mutual friends. You don’t have to be overly nice and supportive to every single woman on earth. 

It is still important to protect your energy against toxic people, other women included. My advice when you encounter these types of women is to always be nice but never put too much energy into these types of girls. 

Never let them bring you down and focus your energy on women who are healthy and positive.

Final thoughts

Developing a healthy relationship with other feminine energy is a great way to channel your inner goddess and increase your femininity. Celebrating other women helps you glow differently and makes people respect you a lot more. You never know the impact that you have on other women. Do your best to make it a positive one.

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