8 ways to live like a Goddess

Hello and welcome to Gorgeous Life Blog! Before we get started, if you haven’t joined my elegance program be sure to check it out. I help women create extraordinary lives with modern elegance, and my program will help you live the life you’ve always dreamed of! In today’s post I’m sharing 8 ways to live like a Goddess *straight from the greed Goddesses themselves.

A *very* brief overview of Greek Mythology

Many religions believe that God created the world. Greek Mythology is different because the world created the gods. Out of the chaos was Gaea (earth) and Uranus (heaven) They had 12 children together and those were the Titans.

The Titans came before the Gods. Then one of the Titans, Cronus mated with his sister Rhea and they had six children together (Zeus & Poseidon were two of them) and created the first generation of Greek Gods.

Cronus eventually decided to overthrow his father Uranus and that’s how the gods rose to power.


Now that you have an understanding of how the gods came about we can talk about the goddesses and what we can learn from each of them. They all have their own unique skills and powers. I love studying mythology. I refuse to live in a reality where modern goddesses don’t exist.

I believe that if we take aligned action we can live like these goddesses and the result of that is a better quality of life.


Gaea is Mother Earth. She was the very first of the immortals according to Greek Myth. She was married to Uranus (which means heaven) and together they created the Titans.

Ways to channel Gaea

  • Respect the earth
  • Reduce waste


Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty. The story of how she came to be is an interesting one. I’m not going to get into it because is is quite graphic but long story short she sprung from seafoam in the ocean.

Ways to channel Aphrodite

  • Work on your appearance, try new makeup and hairstyles.
  • Be a lover, not just for your spouse. Be a lover of yourself, a lover of life, a lover of nature. The energy of love is extremely strong.


Athena was the goddess of war and handicraft. She was extremely intelligent and it is said that she created the chariot and the ship.

If you want to channel Athena’s energy

  • Try to get more involved in crafting and creating things. If there’s a type of craft or project that you love but you haven’t done in a while don’t be afraid to get back into it
  • As for Athena’s intelligence, you can boost your intelligence easily by taking some time to study one new thing each month. I did that this year and it is so much fun to learn new things.


Hera was the Queen of the gods. She was the goddess of women and marriage. She was married to Zeus and they had children together. But Zeus had children with other women and because of this Hera was very jealous and often times tried to kill his children.

Even though it seems like Hera wasn’t the best of the immortals, there is still a lot we can learn from her. Here’s how to channel Hera

  • Be careful about the people you choose to have in your life. Hera’s husband wasn’t faithful and it caused her to to very dark things. Everyone in your life should bring sunshine, not darkness to your life.
  • Don’t be jealous. Jealousy is an ugly trait, immortal being or not. There is plenty of room on this planet for all women to shine, there is no reason to be envious of one another.


Medusa was not always a snake headed monster. She was once a beautiful woman but one day she made Athena very angry. Athena then turned her hair into serpents and she became so ugly that she would turn anyone who looked at her into stone.

There is actually nothing that we can learn from Medusa here, I just love her and I love telling her story. In fact, there is a book being released next year all about her story and I can not wait to read and recommend it to you!


Demeter is the goddess of harvest, grain, and fertility. Her parents are Cronus and Rhea. She could manipulate the seasons and controlled the weather. This made people worship her so that they could have good harvest

Here’s how to channel Demeter

  • Starting a garden. I started gardening two years ago and it has been so much fun!
  • You can also make sure you are in tune with the weather. Appreciate the rainy days, be mindful when you are outside in the elements.


Artemis is the goddess of wild animals and of the hunt. She carried around a bow and arrow. She has the ability to change herself into many different animals. She also controls disease and healing which is a very big deal.

  • The best way to channel Artemis is to try to get in touch with your wild side.


Selene is the goddess of the moon. She is the sister of Helios who is the sun god. She is known to ride a chariot through the sky at night and she has the power to give sleep. It is also said that she has control over time.

Here’s how to channel Selene


Even though the Greek Goddesses are fictional, I enjoy taking a piece of magical stories and incorporating it into my daily life. My Elegance journey has made me feel like a modern goddess because of the deep connection I have created with myself, the earth, and the universe as a whole.

Modern Elegance will change your life in ways you never imagined.

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