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The Dark Feminine in 5 minutes.

Megan Fox, Rihanna, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie. What do these incredibly powerful ladies have in common? They’ve all mastered the art of the dark feminine. If you’ve spent time on the internet in recent months, you may have heard about this new term.

I instantly was intrigued by the concept of dark feminine because I find myself drawn to women who channel this energy. Today I’m sharing everything you need to know about the dark feminine.

What is the dark feminine?

First of all, can we talk about how amazing it is to be a woman and to be connected to your feminine energy

The more I’m learning about different ways to express my feminine side, the more empowered I become.

I used to think of femininity as light, dainty and dreamy. I pictured pink dresses, flower picking and soft living. Well that is only the half of it.

There are two dimensions of femininity. Those two dimensions are:

  • The dark feminine
  • The light feminine

Dark Feminine is the expression of the dark, positive and necessary energy that captures the mysteries of womanhood and magic. It captures the chaos of creation and destruction, death and birth, transformation, rage, fierce compassion, seduction, and pure spiritual ecstasy. (via letssweettalk)

dark feminine

The dark feminine is

  • Sultry
  • Mysterious
  • Powerful
  • Devilish
  • Seduction
  • Sensual
  • Siren
  • Unknown
  • Wild
  • Chaotic

We all have a dark side

And it isn’t a bad thing at all. Some women express their light feminine side more than they do the dark feminine. There are many women throughout history who have done an amazing job at channeling their dark feminine beautifully.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, Rihanna, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox are all in tune with their dark feminine side.

dark feminine

How to tap into your dark feminine energy

If you want to access your dark feminine, you will have to add some new things into your routine. You might not want to access this energy all the time, but if you work on these over time slowly you will feel more connected to your dark side.

1.Dark feminine Meditation

Meditation is one of the secret wonders of the world in my opinion. I started meditating a couple of years ago and my life and my outlook on the world has drastically changed ever since.

I was on YouTube the other day and came across this soothing yet powerful guided meditation for activating the dark feminine.

Take some time before bed or when you wake up in the morning to listen to this meditation. It’s lovely.

2.Start living by the moon

There is an abundance of beauty in the dark. The night sky is a perfect example of that. One of the ways to channel your dark side is to start living by the moon.

The moon phases have an impact on our lives, even if we’d like to believe otherwise.

Learning about the phases of the moon and lunar alignment will help you become a goddess of the dark.

This post is all about lunar alignment for beginners.

You can also do rituals for the dark moon.

3.Do shadow work

Shadow work is when you journal to free the dark feelings that are trapped inside of you.

We all have trauma, pain, and we all go through a lot of difficult things throughout the course of our lives. Shadow work helps us bring out all of those negative feelings.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about shadow work and how to get started.

4. Start a dark feminine challenge

5.Look the part

Don’t be afraid to wear more black clothing. If done tastefully you won’t be seen as dark and gloomy. You will instead be seen as alluring, mysterious and powerful.

Pair an all black outfit with vampy red lips and matching nail polish. Make sure next time you are shopping to find outfits that will fit the dark aesthetic.

6.Read books about powerful women

My favorite book when it comes to dark energy is Circe by Madeline Miller. Circe is mentioned in Homer’s The Odyssey as the goddess who turns men into pigs.

Reading the retelling of her life story was such an incredible adventure and is the first book that I can think of when it comes to dark feminine energy.

7. Learn how to follow your intuition.

Tap into your intuitive side and your ability to feel when things are good and bad for you. Dark feminine women are very sensitive to energies and are in tune with their feelings.

The best way to get started on something is to take baby steps to get there. I have created a simple 10-day dark feminine challenge to help you activate your dark feminine energy

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