The Classy girl’s guide to healthy revenge

healthy revenge elegance tips

How do you know when you need to get healthy revenge?

1.Acknowledge why this person shouldn’t be in your life anymore.

2.Let the universe deliver the karma

3.Block this person from your life as much as you can.

4.Don’t be angry

5. Focus on yourself

It’s time to start your recovery journey. Losing people can hurt and it is okay to experience feelings of loss and grief even if it is a friendship breakup.

But it is time to start focusing on yourself. What ways can you use your time now that you won’t be spending it with that person? What are some hobbies that you’ve never explored? What can you do now that will channel your energy in a positive way?

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Learn all the skills necessary to become the classiest woman in the room.

  • 20+ Etiquette rules all elegant women should know.
  • How to dress like an elegant woman.
  • Elegant tips I’ve learned from the Royal Family.
  • How to command attention in a classy way.
  • How to be elegant in a toxic situation.
  • 50 Ways to be elegant each day.
  • 7 ways to boost your intelligence.
  • 5 ways to be more sophisticated
  • Hobbies elegant women have
  • 10 ways to look polished every day
  • How to be graceful like a Princess
  • …and more

6.Start your fitness journey

7.Don’t spend time talking about or focusing on this person anymore

8. Final thoughts

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