DIY Mirrored Dresser

DIY Mirrored Dresser: A lovely weekend project

Okay so as part of my mind cleanse that I will totally be blogging about, I started changing the videos I watch online. I was looking for DIY videos late at night and happened to come across this DIY mirrored dresser by April Bee

I love all things glass, or acrylic so this is right up my alley. April did an absolutely amazing job making this such a simple, affordable project! I did everything the same as her, so I won’t be needing to explain how to do it. However I do want to share some tips with you in case you decide to try this at home.

1. Ikea charges $10 for shipping, per dresser. I ended up spending $20 in shipping. I highly suggest picking them up in store to save a little cash. I think the closest ikea to me is about 90 minutes away, so I opted to pay the shipping

2. We were able to do both of these with just one can of spray paint This is because we only had to paint the outsides, because we covered up the other parts with mirror

3. Some people at Lowe’s don’t know how to cut glass. I had a hell of a time having my class cut at Lowe’s. The employee didn’t even know where the mirrored glass was, and I had to show him where it was. When he finally pulled it out, both pieces he had were broken on all 4 sides. It was a total disaster.
I went to the Lowe’s across town and they told me they didn’t even carry mirrored glass, and so I had to show them where it was as well. I literally had to do their job for them and that was not cool. They cut the edges very messy, they leave rough, sharp edges that my husband spent quite some time sanding.
ALSO it is important to know that you can get one dresser done with just TWO sheets of glass from Lowe’s.
You see, the first time I went to have my glass cut, I only got enough glass for one dresser because I wanted to make sure the measurements were accurate before I purchased more. The guy that did that glass for me used 3 sheets of glass, totaling around $48
Then, after I completed the first dresser, I went back to have mirror for the second one cut, it was a different employee and he got all the pieces cut out with just two sheets of glass, saving me like $13.
I highly recommend telling your associate at lowes that it can be done with 2 sheets of glass, because I saw other people on you tube say that they were charged for way too much glass.
If you would rather avoid the hassle, you could try having it cut at a mirror and glass shop. I bet they can produce much cleaner edges and better customer service. The price however, might be higher. We applied the glass a little at a time and that is really what took the most time. We had to wait a day for it to dry.

4. The knobs are perfect. You can order them via the link on April’s youtube, I received mine just in time to finish the project last weekend.
I’m very pleased with this project. It was very simple and super elegant. I cant wait to pick up roses for mine. I love flowers so it will be nice to have some by my bed. I highly recommend this to others! Let me know if you try it how your turned out.
Talk soon! xoxo

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