Places to eat: The Melting Pot

Places to eat: The Melting Pot

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The weather was pretty grey all weekend, it was semi warm, but not too warm. And a little bit rainy here and there. If you have read my previous food post, you would know that I am giving into my food obsession this year by trying new and yummy places to eat. Of course I have to share my experiences because I would love it if people shared these amazing restaurants with me.
I decided to have my birthday dinner at The Melting Pot this year. It isn’t the first time that I have been there, but the first time in a long time. It is about an hour drive from my house and I rarely travel out that way so I just never wind up eating there. It is always super delicious and a fun atmosphere as well.
If you have never been to The Melting Pot, it is a fondue restaurant that offers multiple cooking styles and a variety of salads, entrees, cheese, and deserts. It is very well known for the 4 course experience, which is what we ordered last night. What was different about this visit for us, is that we had a table with two burners so we could enjoy two different types of cheese, two cooking styles, and two types of chocolates (which were amazing). This is exciting for me because my goal this year was to try lots of new stuff. There was also several new items on the menu. I loved it.
My girls came to dinner with us, and there were lots of kids in the restaurant as I would say it is family friendly for sure, but it can be time consuming if you are taking toddlers because you would have to cook their food for them and make sure they aren’t mixing the raw meats with the cooked meats, you’ll see what I mean.
The cheese
So every 4 course experience starts off with some cheese. We ordered the Wisconsin Cheddar or something like that and the Bacon Brie. Both were incredible however I was expecting to love the bacon brie more and I think I prefer the Wisconsin Cheddar.

What I love about The Melting Pot is that everything is made fresh right in front of you. Your server will bring all of the ingredients for your cheese to your table and cook it right in front of you. This is fun for kids because they get to see all of the ingredients going in. It’s just a different dining experience that is more engaging.

We were given bread, apples, cauliflower, carrots, and celery to eat with the cheese. The bread is my favorite but the kids loved the carrots and celery. 
The Salad
Although I said I wanted to try something new, I ended up getting a house salad with ranch, because Zoey wanted to share a salad with me. It was great. I didn’t take a photo though because it wasn’t that great.
The entrée
This is when the party officially starts. At Melting Pot, your food is served raw so that you can cook it yourself. It’s delightful. We got two different cooking styles, one being the  and we also got the both were amazing although the had a bit of spicy kick to it. I know this picture is blurry, its the steam from the deliciousness. 

My husband ordered the classic entrée which is Tereyaki Steak, I didn’t taste any of his food, but he said it was incredible.

I ordered the land and sea, but I replaced my chicken with shrimp. My dish was just shrimp and steak. I really love the flavor in the shrimp so much that I would rather have it than the chicken.
Alexa, my oldest got steak, salmon, and shrimp
Zoey got chicken, salmon, and shrimp
I totally should have tasted their salmon because I’m sure I would have loved it.
They give you a variety of sauces for your food as well, I tasted every one of them, but only liked one or two. I don’t remember the names of the sauces. Oops.
This is what the girls had been waiting for, and the dessert here doesn’t disappoint. We ordered the milk chocolate, 
and the smores chocolate. It was SO. GOOD. They also stepped up their dessert game because they have added waffles, pound cake, and bananas to the dish. Previously, I always left wishing I ordered more dessert, but this time I had to cut myself off. Lol
All in all, it is always a pleasant experience at The Melting Pot and I highly recommend you have a visit if you are in the mood for delicious food and a different dining experience.
Have you been to The Melting Pot? What is your favorite dish? I might try it next time.

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