My favorite YouTube Channels to watch

My Favorite YouTube Channels to watch. 
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Todays post has been something that have been meaning to do for such a long time! I want to share my favorite Youtube Channels with you.
Over the years, I have been watching YouTube more than I watch TV.I first started watching YouTube about 9 years ago when I wanted to learn how to do my hair and makeup better.
I first found the channels of youtube OG babes and some of them I still watch almost 10 years later. Now days, I can use youtube for nearly everything, from learning how to assemble something I just purchased, to learning how to do my makeup like a professional.
I’ve also used youtube to help with my financial journey, and I’ve really just learned so much over the years from the platform.
I’m always looking for new channels to follow because I love finding channels that I can genuinely learn from and people that I feel relatively connected to. Today I’m going to be sharing my most watched and loved channels with you today and all of these are basically lifestyle related channels. Beauty, home, travel, etc. I hope that you can find some channels to fall in love with after you read this!
Stephanie was one of the very first people that I started watching on youtube. I’m not sure, but I think there was a megan fox makeup tutorial that she did and it got me hooked to her channel. She is still creating content to this day and I love that she’s so relatable. I guess because I have been watching her channel so long I feel like she is one of my friends. She creates content mostly around beauty but she also does fashion hauls, home décor hauls, vlogs, and other random videos that I enjoy. If you aren’t subscribed to her channel, do it now.
Ahhh Farah. She helped me learn how to create stunning mermaid curls in my hair many years ago. Farah is also one of the OG beauty YouTube babes, but I’ll have to admit that I haven’t watched her channel recently. What I love about Farah is that she shares awesome DIY beauty hacks that you can do at home with natural ingredients that most of us always have in our kitchens. She’s gorgeous and has also remained true to self after all these years.
I honestly don’t watch too many of Jaclyn’s videos because I’m not that into makeup, but if I ever need any new makeup looks to try, I’m checking her channel first. She’s an OG in the beauty community on YouTube and I love her personality.
So I think her video was just in my suggested and it was about her life in prison and I instantly clicked. Her prison experience video was so juicy and fascinating that I was hoping there were more of them and sure enough there are. I’ve only watched like 3 or 4 of her videos and I already feel like I’ve known her for a long time. Idk I just really get good vibes from her and I loved her content. Really kept me busy while I was cooking dinner and cleaning the house today.
Some of you may watch this on TV but since I don’t have cable, I watch on YouTube. I love wedding dresses and watching people try them on so this is something that I sometimes binge watch when I just need to be put in a good mood.
I think that Shay Mitchell is so underrated. Well I mean she does have millions of followers so I guess she is recognized for how awesome she is but honestly everything about her is fire. She is a talented actress, all of her Instagram photos are awesome and she travels the world and vlogs it all to share with us. I loved her Morocco vlogs and I’ve been watching ever since.
Kevin has a couple of channels on YouTube, but What the Fit is my favorite. It is about Kevin meeting with another celebrity friends and trying new sports. It is hilarious, and he’s had some of my favorite celebs on there. It’s great if I need a laugh and there are plenty of episodes if you want to binge.
Probably my favorite show isn’t even on youtube, it’s on Facebook Watch and it’s 
Red Table Talk
Perhaps my favorite show of them all isn’t even on youtube. It’s on Facebook Watch. Red table talk is deep and I often refer to it as Church. It stars Jada Pinkett Smith, Her monther, and her daughter Willow. 3 generations of women having deep conversations with guests about controversial topics. It is the best show in my opinon because its is so honest and open. If you haven’t watched, I suggest you tune in.

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