8 Elegant things to do in the moonlight

I love summer days. The sunshine, swimming. Spending precious time with friends. All of those things are fantastic, but there’s one thing I love a little more than summer days.

Summer nights.

I love the late thunderstorms, ( &where I live we get heat lightning), the stars in the sky, and the fact that it’s still warm enough to spend time outside.

When the moon is full in the summer, I feel a level of magic that I don’t get to experience very often. It makes me never want to go inside, The moon is so beautiful to me.

I know that everyone always talks about things to do during the summer during the day, but in today’s blog post, I want to share some things to do on summer nights.


1.Dance in the moonlight

The song Dancing in the moonlight by King Harvest has always inspired me to love summer nights and not rush to head inside when it gets dark. I love to dance to this song!

Make a fun playlist and spend some time dancing under the stars. It makes you feel more alive!

2.Swim/hot tub

Not everyone has access to a pool, but if you do or if you are able to access one on your summer vacations, make sure to plan for a night swim. I still remember the first time my girls got to go swimming at night.

It was at the beach and the weather was absolutely perfect. They had a lot of fun and created memories that they still haven’t forgotten.

3.Go for a walk

A walk is always a good idea. I live near a cute little downtown area and I love to go walking there at night with my family. Everyone has gone home for the day so everything is quiet and peaceful.

I get to see the town in a different light than when I am going there during the day to run errands.

4.Go for a drive

If you don’t feel like walking, it is always a wonderful idea to go for a late night summer drive. I always did this when I was younger before I had kids and I loved being out late at night. The roads are empty and I had the best playlists.

Bonus points if you car has a moon roof you can open! Perfect for summer nights

5.Moonlight Bonfire

Is it really summertime if you don’t have at least one bonfire? Some of the best memories are made spending time with close friends around a fire. Make sure to bring everything you need to make s’mores.


You don’t need a telescope to star gaze. Get a blanket and get lost in the summer sky. On a clear night you can see millions of stars and sometimes planets make an appearance also. Not to mention if the moon is full you can gaze at that as well.

7.Stretch/do yoga in the moonlight

For a slow, relaxing summer night under the stars all you will need is a yoga mat. Go outside for your next round of bedtime stretches and do them outside in the moonlight.

You can do yoga or Pilates, both are fantastic


You may not have heard of moon bathing before, I didn’t really know what it was either. Moon bathing is the same thing as sunbathing. You are letting the moonlight touch your skin.

I used to always do this because in the winter time the moonlight shines very bright through my window. I am able to lay in bed and moon bathe without going outside. Anytime you are outside under the full moon, you are moon bathing. Moon bathing has been said to be relaxing and help ease stress and anxiety.

Final thoughts

Summer days are filled with lots of amazing memories, but don’t forget to make the most of summer nights as well. There are a lot of things to do in the evenings that are sometimes overlooked! Moonlight is magical.

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