lunar alignment

Lunar Alignment: Living by the moon

I’ve been working on building a stronger connection to the earth, universe, and my soul lately. I have been doing a lot of research and I came across something that I’ve been hearing about for a couple of years but never took the time to look into. In today’s blog post I’m going to talk about Lunar alignment and how it can help improve your life.

lunar alignment

What is Lunar Alignment and how can it help me?

Lunar alignment is basically living in alignment with the phases of the moon. People have been living by the moon for centuries. The moon has a major impact on our lovely planet. It controls the tides, helps track time, and provides light during the night which helps animals navigate. 

Many people use the moon’s energy to attract abundance in life. I decided I want to give it a try, and I don’t think I’m ever going back.

If you are a total beginner like me, I’m going to show you how to use the four major phases of the moon to create a better, more abundant life.

Living in alignment with the lunar cycles means that during the four major phases of the moon you are working within yourself to energetically align with the moon.

How to track the moon phases

Aside from going outside and looking at the moon, I like to use the app MoonPhase to keep track of the moon. It helps me check the moon phase of a date in the future and also gives me additional details that I might need to know. I have this app on my iphone, I am not sure if it is available for android or not.

New Moon // New Beginnings

The new moon symbolizes new beginnings. During the new moon phase, the moon is at its darkest before gradually becoming brighter and more visible as the month progresses.

 You can use the time during the new moon phase to write down your goals and intentions for the upcoming month. 

  • What do you want to manifest/accomplish?
  • What are your intentions for the month?
  • Acknowledge your growth from the previous lunar cycle

The best way for you to energetically align with the moon during this phase is to write a journal entry about all of the things you want to manifest during this lunar cycle. Make sure to wait until the evening when the energy from the moon is the strongest. 

First Quarter // Action

During the first quarter phase, the moon is getting larger and brighter in the night sky. The first quarter phase is great for taking actions towards the goals and intentions that you set during the new moon if you haven’t already.

For example: If you want to begin to exercise more, you can do a small, low impact workout on the first day of the first quarter moon.

Full Moon lunar alignment: Gratitude & abundance

The full moon is perhaps my favorite of the lunar phases. During this phase, the moon is at its brightest and maximum visibility. During the full moon people often take this time to express gratitude for what they have accomplished so far in the lunar cycle

The full moon is also a great time for rituals. And before you close this post because you think I’m getting too witchy, don’t worry. These are 2 non witch rituals that anyone can do. In fact, I do these rituals as often as I can.

The way my house is set up, the moon shines through my bedroom window at night. When there is a full moon and a clear sky, the moon’s light is so bright that it almost always wakes me up in the middle of the night. I love when this happens, because I don’t even have to leave my bed to look at the moon.

But ever since I discovered that the moon is always in my window, I always try these two rituals if it isn’t too cloudy outside.

Make moon water

Moon water is simply water that is charged with the energy of the moon. It is easy to make as long as the sky is clear. All you have to do is put some water in a jar, bottle, or whatever you prefer.

Then set the water in the moonlight. Your water will absorb the moonlight and it will be charged with the moon’s energy. 

Moon bathe

Moon bathing is the same as sun bathing. This might not work for everyone if you can’t see your moon from your window at night, but whenever the full moon wakes me up at night, I throw my covers off and bathe in the moonlight until I feel like I am ready to fall back asleep. I love it.

Burning a letter to the universe

I wanted to create my own full moon ritual and I figured that this one would be perfect for me personally. I always find it therapeutic to burn photos of people that I do not allow into my life anymore.

I figured I could do the same thing by writing a letter to the universe and burning it.

Here’s how you can do the same

  • Write down your feelings. It can be anything negative or anything in general that you want to let go of
  • Take it outside and make sure you have a bowl of water to toss the paper in
  • Burn the paper until the words are gone and imagine releasing all of those thoughts.

Last Quarter: Releasing energy

The last major phase of the lunar is the quarter. The moon is becoming less bright and ready to start the cycle all over again. This is the best time for releasing any negative thoughts that you let go of if you weren’t able to release it all during the full moon.

You can try a releasing meditation and some people burn letters during the release phase. During this time we are focusing on any of the inner work that needs to be done in your life.

Final thoughts

I suggest giving this a try for a month and see how you like it! I have found that living by the moon makes me feel that much more connected the the universe and that’s why I love it. I also found an amazing video on youtube that explains things in more detail if you want to check it out.

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