2022 Vision board

My 2022 Vision Board + digital vision board inspo

I’ve been making vision boards for the past few years and I absolutely love it. But I’m going to be honest here…I really struggled to make my 2022 vision board. I almost gave up on it! Long story short, I completed my vision board and it is my best one yet! Today I’m sharing my 2022 vision board with you!

If you are totally new to vision boards, don’t worry! I have several posts about how to make a vision board and I have shared my previous vision boards. You can find all of these links below:

Vision boards have really helped me over the years to achieve things that I never thought possible. They have also helped keep me motivated when I get into certain moods and don’t feel like moving forward with some of my goals.

I was having a major creative block when it comes to creating a vision board. I wanted to do something new but I wasn’t sure how I should do it. Luckily I came across this video and it helped me so much with my creativity. It took me several hours but I finally was able to complete my new vision board.

I’m so excited to share it with you!

There is a lot to unpack here, so let’s get into it.

Halloween costume ideas

Halloween is my favorite holiday of all time. It is very special to me and I like to make it last all month long. To me Halloween starts on October 1 and we do awesome activities all month long. I absolutely love dressing up for Halloween but every single year I absolutely fail to get dressed up.

I have several reasons for this, but basically I get very frustrated with costumes because they cost so much money and they are made of the cheapest material. They don’t fit well and they are often uncomfortable.

So every year I always talk about how I want to dress up and it doesn’t happen. I end up wearing something simple because I don’t want to deal with the costumes. I’m going to change all of that this year. I don’t care what I have to do, but I’m definitely dressing up this year.


My kids have milestone birthdays this year, 13 and 10! I can’t wait to celebrate with them! I can’t believe how much they’ve grown and It’s going to take a lot of effort to plan their parties. Also, my best friend and I are going to have a 25 year friendship anniversary party. I’ve never done a party like this before and I’m really excited about it. I’m glad I decided to put it in my 2022 vision board because now it will motivate me to pay attention to the little party details that I envision for the event.

New Dress Ideas

I want to start getting dolled up more often so I will need to purchase a lot of new dresses. My plan is to purchase a new dress each month and go out somewhere. I’ve already found several beautiful dresses and I can’t wait to purchase them!

10k/mo blogging

Blogging is my favorite thing to do and I do make some money from it, but I would love to turn it into more of a business. I love that we are living in a world where people can break free of the 9-5 and make money on their own terms. I have a lot of financial goals that I want to achieve and I know that making more money from the blog will really help that.

Random little things

Studying: The photo of Kim Kardashian studying symbolizes me studying French. I have started a French class a couple of months ago and I am determined to learn a new language.

Reading: I read 61 books last year and I’m really hoping to read just as many again this year. Reading is amazing and I love everything about it!

Painting: I started painting during quarantine of 2020 and I absolutely love it, but I don’t do it enough. When I actually sit down to paid I have a lovely time, but sometimes I go months without painting anything at all. I want to paint more this year.

Roses: The woman with the rose symbolizes my absolute addiction to red roses and I just want more roses in my life.

Beautiful Picnics

I love picnics. Last year I didn’t have enough picnics and I definitely regret putting in the effort. In reality, it does take a lot of effort to put together a beautiful picnic, you have to pay attention to all the details and then make sure to pack everything you need and carry it all to your picnic spot. I’m going to try and create a system where I can throw together a beautiful picnic with ease.

Health and fitness

I’m back in the gym and I’ve started my fitness journey all over again. It’s really motivating being in the gym and I am looking forward to a total body transformation. I’ve been putting in a lot of work and I’m seeing results! It makes me so happy to see all of my hard work paying off. I have taken some before pictures and I am checking my progress every month.


The two pictures on the bottom left of the vision board are my relationship goals. Spending time in the gym with my husband is one of them since we are working out a lot now I know there will be a lot of progress. More importantly I just want to make sure we are spending proper quality time together.

2022 vision board conclusion

I’m extremely happy with my vision board this year. I plan on printing out a couple of copies to put around my house. I also will somehow turn it into my desktop background on my computer and maybe my phone as well. I also might make a second one in the middle of the year.

I hope my vision boards over the years have inspired you to create your own. They are extremely fun to make and they really help keep you motivate to chase your dreams and make them come true.

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