8 Productive Things to do at the end of the year

One of my favorite times of the year is the end. There is something thrilling about the idea of a fresh start and the closing of another chapter of my life. I love the opportunity to start fresh and grow into another version of myself. Over the years I have learned several ways to make the upcoming year easier. Today I’m going to share with you 8 things to do at the end of the year to make the next year easier.

things to do at the end of the year

Review and reflect / gratitude

It is important to take some time at the end of each year to reflect on the events that occurred and how you felt about them. 365 days is a long time and it is easy for the memories to fade with time. 

We like to keep track of this by creating a memory jar. Every January we set out a jar and we write down memories and add them to the jar. One New Years Eve, we open the jar and take turns reading the memories. It is an easy way to keep track of all the things that have happened, big or small. 

You can also take a look through your camera roll as well. I’m sure you have plenty of memories stored in your phone. Take the time to reflect on these moments.

Lastly, don’t forget to express your gratitude for all of the things you have been given during the year. Take some time to celebrate your wins and all of the goals you have accomplished. Gratitude is important so don’t forget this step.


I absolutely love journaling. It can be extremely productive when you know what to write about and how to express your feelings in the best way possible. There are a lot of amazing journal prompts that will help you reflect on your year and also make plans for the year ahead. 

You can also take a look at your journal over the past year and read your thoughts. You might be surprised by how much things have changed in such a short period of time.

2.Create a vision board

I will never stop talking about vision boards. For the past several years, vision boards have helped me accomplish my wildest dreams. I can’t believe how much a simple thing like that has helped me.

If you have never created a vision board before, now is definitely the time. I have a couple of posts on creating a vision board and I also share my vision boards. Feel free to check them out for some motivation and inspiration.

3.Plan your vacations and time off

We all love a good vacation, take some time at the end of the year to figure out where you would like to travel to and when you want to go. Check out what prices are like for the flights, cars, hotels, activities, etc. If you are able to book these getaways then by all means, book the trip. Life is short.

If you aren’t ready to book yet, you can still do some research on where you want to go and what you want to do.

4.De-clutter your house

I absolutely love to de-clutter. I love parting ways with items that no longer serve me. I technically am the kind of person who is likely to be de-clutter all year long, but I put in a lot of hard work at the end of year. The reason for this is because I don’t want to start a new year with things that I don’t need in my life.

I de-clutter little by little during the month of December so that I never feel overwhelmed in the last week of the month to get things done. Here is a massive list of things to remove from your home in order to simplify your life.

5.Create a system to organize your life

You may already have a system for organizing your life, but sometimes the systems need an upgrade. You may not have a system at all. There are many apps, printables, planners, and ideas available for creating the perfect system to organize your life.

Organizing your life before the year even starts will simplify your upcoming year.

6.Identify your goals.

You might not have created a vision board, or you might have additional goals that need to be set. This is the time to set your goals and intentions for the new year.

Think about all of the things that you want to accomplish. Try not to overwhelm yourself because sometimes people set big goals for New Years and then they are unable to stick to them.

Falling off of their goals then makes them less motivated to set new goals. So be careful.

7.Make plans for your health

Health is extremely important so you definitely don’t want to plan your year without including plans for your health. Make sure to have important annual appointments in mind as well as things that you know you might need such as therapy, etc.

You might also want to start eating healthier and exercising more. Again, don’t be too aggressive with your goals because you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. If you have a weight loss goal or a diet goal, be gentle and patient with yourself.

8.Make plans for your finances

Take a look at your financial situation.

Are you on track with your finance goals?

What can you do to improve your credit score?

What about your savings account?

Do you need to start a savings challenge in 2021?

Do you have debt that you want to pay off?

Don’t let your finances intimidate you. Face it head on, create a plan and everything will work out.

In conclusion

Take the time at the end of the year to prepare for the year to come. It will make your life so much easier! Plus, it is a lot of fun to plan out the kind of life you want so that you can let the universe do it’s thing.

Sending love


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