Mid-year reflection: The key to achieving your goals

Well hello there! Welcome back to Gorgeous Life Blog. If you are new here, welcome! My name is Victoria and I talk about all things related to modern elegance and personal growth. I help women become the best possible version of themselves. Today I want to talk about the mid-year reflection.

mid-year reflection

Is it just me or does time pass too quickly? I am honestly shocked that we are already halfway through 2021. This year has been a lot better than last year so far. More people are getting vaccinated so the COVID-19 infection numbers are decreasing. Things are slowly but surely returning to normal. In fact, a couple of weeks ago my family and I went to the movie theater for the first time in over a year. We saw Cruella, and it was everything I was hoping for, I loved it so much.

Are you someone who sets a lot of goals and intentions for the year and then fails to keep up with them? Well this is totally normal and it happens to a lot of people. The best way to keep working towards your goals is to do a mid-year reflection.

What exactly is a mid-year reflection?

A mid-year reflection is when you take the time to go through all of the goals and intentions that you set at the beginning of the year and evaluate everything. A mid-year reflection allows you to become aware of what is working and what isn’t. It helps remind you to stay on track and gives you the opportunity to modify your goals. It is useful because many people make goals at the beginning of the year but they don’t stick with them for longer than a couple of months.

What do I need to do a mid-year reflection?

All you need to perform a mid-year reflection is your list of goals, or your vision board. However you created your goals at the beginning of the year, you will need to reference that to check your progress. You will also need a notebook (or computer) so you can write out your review.

If you want to make a vision board for the upcoming 6 months and you need inspiration, check out my 2021 vision boards. *I have 4 of them*

Start with the goals you originally set

Take a look at each of the goals that you set at the beginning of the year. List each of the goals and then write a little bit about the goal. Here are some ideas for things you can write about the goal:

  • Did you achieve the goal yet?
  • If not, what has been holding you back from achieving the goal?
  • If yes, did you feel when you achieved the goal?
  • Is this something you want to continue working on for the second half of the year?

Check in with your physical and mental health

Many people set health and fitness goals at the beginning of the year. I am no different. I wanted to improve my flexibility, workout more often, take vitamins more, and take better care of my skin. Have I been doing a great job with my fitness goals? Kind of. I’m really glad I’m doing my mid-year reflection because no I know that I need to take it up a notch with my fitness goals.

Here are some things to write about in regards to mental and physical health

  • Are you doing your best to take proper care of your body?
  • Are you doing okay mentally?
  • If not, what are the things that are disturbing your mental health?
  • Do you need to modify your fitness goals? Maybe try a different way to work out? A new workout schedule?

Write about your wins from the first 6 months of the year

Did you have any major wins in the first half of the year that you weren’t planning for and didn’t expect? Even if you did expect your wins, they are still wins and should be documented! It doesn’t matter if they are big or small, the fact that you accomplished something is amazing! You should be very proud! List out all of your wins.

The categories

Now lets step away from your visions board and your goals list and just talk about the main categories in your life and how they are going so far. List each category in your journal and jot down your thoughts. Here are some ideas:

  • Is there any way I can improve things in this category for the second half of the year?
  • What are the positive things that I have experienced in this category?
  • Are there any new goals that I need to set related to this category?

Here are the categories in question

  • Family
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Finances
  • You (personal growth)

Using your mid-year reflection to make the next 6 months amazing

Now that you have completed your reflection, take a look at everything you wrote and use it to modify your goals. Is there something that you wanted to do but now you don’t feel like it’s important anymore? Take it off your goals list. Is there something you want to do more of? Write that on your list.

The mid-year reflection is a great way to keep yourself accountable and to motivate you to achieve great things!

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