80 ways to boost personal growth

Hello Darling! It’s incredibly lovely that you are spending some time with me today. If you are new here, my name is Victoria and I talk about all things related to Modern Elegance and Personal growth. Today I’m going to share 80 different ways you can boost personal growth.

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Why is it important to boost personal growth?

Personal Growth is important because it helps us reach our goals and live our lives to the fullest potential. It helps us develop emotionally, physically, and mentally into the best possible version of ourselves. Personal growth helps create healthier relationships, love ourselves more, enjoy the little things in life, become more self aware, just to name a few. I worked hard to create a list of 80 ways to boost personal growth in your life. I hope you love it as much as I do.

boost personal growth

How to use this list to boost personal growth.

  • Read over the entire list.
  • Write down all of the ideas you are interested in
  • Write down 3 that are a little outside of your comfort zone
  • Make time to do the things that you listed
  • Check them off as you complete them. Studies show that checking something off releases small amounts of dopamine to the brain.

Everything I listed here are things that I wish I took more seriously when I was in my 20’s (I’m now 30) Each task listed might seem small and insignificant but when you put all of these together you’ll notice big changes in your life. I think we all sometime get too comfortable where we are in life and don’t want to put in the extra effort to push forward. That’s why incorporating micro habits into your life will deliver major results.

80 Ways to boost personal growth

  1. Eat breakfast (it’s the most important meal of the day)
  2. Drink more water
  3. Start working out
  4. Listen to educational podcasts
  5. Take care of your hair & skin
  6. De-clutter your home.
  7. Do a mental cleanse
  8. Remove toxic people from your life
  9. Make a vision board
  10. Meditate
  11. Learn new skills
  12. Organize your finances
  13. Don’t skip your doctor/dental visits
  14. Read each day
  15. Plan your day
  16. Keep a gratitude journal
  17. Create a morning routine
  18. Explore one of your passions 
  19. Laugh each day
  20. Learn a new language
  21. Make time for your friends and family
  22. Travel as often as possible
  23. Go to therapy if needed (it’s always cool to take care of yourself)
  24. Mind your own business
  25. Create a budget
  26. Don’t get consumed with internet gossip
  27. Ask for a raise at work
  28. Upgrade your wardrobe                                                      
  29. Stop using curse words
  30. Recite positive affirmations daily
  31. Keep lists for everything
  32. Invest in yourself
  33. Go somewhere without your phone
  34. Stay open minded
  35. Don’t settle for less than you deserve
  36. Adopt a growth mindset
  37. Write love letters to yourself
  38. Learn how to cook/bake
  39. Try forest bathing
  40. Don’t let anyone bring you down
  41. Journal Daily
  42. Boost your credit score
  43. Visualize your highest self
  44. Set goals and take steps to achieve them
  45. Put your past behind you
  46. Set high standards
  47. Get good quality sleep
  48. Lift others up and be a ray of Sunshine 
  49. Celebrate your wins
  50. Start a garden and become a plant mum
  51. Never stop learning and growing as a person
  52. Take my affordable productivity course
  53. Have a self care day every once in a while
  54. Become a classier woman
  55. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts
  56. Step outside of your comfort zone
  57. De-clutter your social media and emails
  58. Follow inspiring accounts on social media
  59. Practice good time management
  60. Take risks 
  61. Create a vision board
  62. Make happiness a priority
  63. Tell your loved ones that you love and appreciate them
  64. Start a habit tracker
  65. Get out of debt
  66. Plan a staycation
  67. Limit your TV time
  68. Create a memory jar/time capsule
  69. Do brain boosting puzzles and activities
  70. Identify things inspire you and explore them
  71. Put happiness triggers throughout your home
  72. Give back to your community
  73. Practice mindfulness
  74. Practice aromatherapy
  75. Learn to live in the moment
  76. Start a 30-day challenge
  77. Stop comparing yourself to others
  78. Set boundaries
  79. Challenge yourself
  80. Try new foods


Personal growth is a journey that never ends. It’s beautiful to evolve as a person and become better each day. There are many different ways to improve the quality of your life, you just have to choose the ones that are right for you.

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