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7 ways to be an elegant hot girl

Hi there! I’m Victoria and I teach women how to become classy, elegant, and graceful. I’m so glad you are taking the time out of your day to read my blog. It’s a pleasure to have you.

I’ve learned many things in my 20’s, but one huge thing that I learned is that classy and sexy are two totally different things. But it is absolutely possible to be a little bit of both.


What happens when you are starting your elegance journey, throwing out your booty shorts, changing the way you do your makeup, getting rid of your tacky club dresses, and replacing them with modest blouses and elegant dresses?

For many women, they start to feel like their newfound modesty is going to make them seem less attractive. Think about it, do we really think that classy women like Kate Middleton are sexy?

Of course we consider them beautiful, women with a genuinely good heart and soul, but sexy isn’t one of the first words we would normally think of when we picture these types of women.

So how do we maintain a level of class, and still bring the heat?

What I like to teach with modern elegance is that you can be classy, elegant, and hot at the same time.

Always remember that you can always put your own twist on elegance. Once you become an elegant woman you should still feel very authentic and confident in your own skin.

Here are some tips on how to become an elegant hot girl.

how to be classy modern elegance tips for women

1.Decide that you are the sexiest woman alive.

As you progress on your journey to becoming a classier woman, you will learn that the most important opinion about you is you opinion. If you don’t feel like you are desirable, you will be unable to radiate that hot girl energy and other people won’t feel it either.

The most important part of being sexy is knowing in your heart that you ARE an absolute masterpiece.

2.Create a Classy and Sexy Wardrobe.

So here’s the thing… As I mentioned before, I am absolutely awful at fashion. I’m just not naturally gifted when it comes to outfits but I know that the first thing I need to do in order to be more classy is to start dressing like it. Dressing like the perfect version of myself.

I have an entire post about creating a capsule wardrobe, but when curating outfits that are sexy and classy, just remember not to show it all. The trick here is to pick one part of your body that you want to show off and focus on that.

After some experimenting with looks, I think I found styles that work well for me and look good on my body, they are modest and classy compared to what I used to wear, but I still feel hot in them.

3.Wear Sexy undergarments and loungewear.

victoria's secret 5th avenue
img from my trip to NYC

For many years my lounge wear included old high school t-shirts, and my husband’s old sweatpants. But being sexy is also something you have to be for yourself, not just other people.

Consider trading in your basic lounge wear for satin, sexy gowns, robes, etc. Trade in your boring skivvies for some super sexy ones. Experiment with different silhouettes, lace, mesh, and strappy bras and panties.

My go-to place for all of this is Victoria’s Secret. For higher end looks you can definitely try Agent Provacateur. Look for something you’ve never worn or something so sexy you would never actually wear it and try it! Knowing you look like a hot stripper underneath your work clothes will boost your self esteem like crazy.

4.Mystery is sexy

An easy way to be ultra sexy and classy is to be a little mysterious! Seriously nothing is worse than someone who spills their entire life story at you when you first meet them.

It has definitely happened to me before where I’ve introduced myself to someone maybe at a party or something and they have just spilled so much tea on their lives and I’m like…um okay.

A woman written in mystery is worth the curiosity trip -unknown Share on X

Everybody wants what they can’t have, so being mysterious is an absolute weapon these days. With everyone sharing their every thought on social media it is important to know where you should draw the line when it comes to what you share. Here are some easy ways to be mysterious

Strategic absence. You don’t have to be involved in everything that is going on. By taking a step back and knowing when to skip out on certain events, you create a little bit of mystery. People wondering where you are, what you are doing, why you didn’t show up, etc.

Skip the explanation. How many times have you actually explained something that you shouldn’t have? Maybe you called to cancel a doctors appointment because you aren’t feeling well and you get on the phone and tell the receptionist that you are sick. That isn’t necessary.

You don’t have to explain yourself to them. All you need to do is ask if you can cancel/reschedule your appointment and call it a day. Personally I am guilty of explaining things to people who don’t need an explanation and it needs to stop. Not everyone deserves an explanation.

Do not share it all on social media. In the past 2 weeks, I have seen a couple get into a public argument on facebook, someone said that it is her time of the month on instagram stories, one person explained to all of facebook all of the details of her pregnancy related trip to the hospital (which should only be shared with family in my opinion and not on facebook to everyone)

One person shared that someone they know tried to commit suicide…to me things like this are just TMI. If you have a blog or youtube and this is your topic it’s a little different but I just see SO much personal stuff online that is beyond unnecessary. If you are guilty of this, it’s never too late to make a change.

Don’t answer your phone, text messages, or other messages right away Unless it is an urgent, emergency, or business, don’t rush to your phone to respond as soon as the message comes in. Take a little time.

Don’t spill all the tea right away. If you are at a party or meeting new people, be present in the moment, be engaged with everyone, but be reserved at the same time. Don’t overextend information that hasn’t been requested.

5.Be classy on Social Media

Social Media is very much a large part of our every day lives, and so it is very important to be classy on there too. I see so many women falling for the basic Instagram model traps and it’s just not classy. Think what would Meghan Markle or other people in the Royal Family do with their social media.

Here are the top things you should stop doing to be classy on social media. I have an entire lesson on this in my elegance course.

6.Learn how to walk like a supermodel

I’m sharing a lot of tips on how to communicate without words to the women in my email list but for today I’m going to say that learning how to walk with confidence is incredibly hot.

I came across an Instagram post from one of my favorite models and it reminded me how important it is to learn how to walk.


7. Become more intelligent.

Don’t ever let anyone convince you that being smart isn’t sexy. I am a huge fan of constantly expanding the mind. I strongly believe that being intelligent is a weapon these days.

Make sure you spend set aside some time in the day to expand your vocabulary, read an educational book. Watch a youtube video that will teach you something new, listen to an audiobook…just make sure you are always learning.

Keep reading for bonus tip at the end!

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Bonus tip: Red lipstick, high heels & mini skirts

Find a red lipstick that compliments your skin tone. I have three signature red lipsticks. One classic red, and two darker reds for the fall and winter season. Every time I wear these lipsticks I get compliments. When I see other women wearing a signature red I always compliment them. Red lipstick is hot.

High heels aren’t as popular as they used to be and they aren’t the most comfortable option but try to incorporate them in your outfits every once in a while.

I wear a lot of mini skirts in the fall. My favorite mini skirt outfit is a black mock neck top, black fake leather mini skirt, black tights and high heel boots. I always pair an all black outfit with red lips because it elevates the look.

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