The ultimate guide to morning routines

  • Why you need a morning routine
  • The morning routine mistake you are probably making
  • 6 different morning routine ideas to start your day
morning routine

Why you should have a morning routine.

Morning routines are good for your mental health

Morning routines will boost your energy and make you feel ready for the day.

The one morning routine mistake you are probably making…

The secret to incredible mornings? Having multiple morning routines

6 Different morning routines to try

1.The high energy routine

2.The low energy routine

3.The happiness routine

4.The Zen routine.

5.The productive morning routine

6.The slow morning routine

This routine is very similar to the Zen morning routine, except we aren’t going to focus as much on calm as we do for Zen. This routine focuses on waking up and not rushing to immediately do something. Relaxing and giving your body time to adjust. This is also a great low energy routine because.

The bottom line

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