5 seeds of growth plant for a beautiful future

After 7 years of making excuses and telling myself i’ll wait until I get a proper yard to start a garden’ I finally decided to start growing plants. Everyone was on lockdown due to the pandemic that took over the world, and I figured it was the perfect time to plant some seeds. Little did I know that my small container garden would teach me so much about life. Today I’m sharing 5 seeds of growth you should plant now for a beautiful future.

The decisions we make and the actions that we take are like planting little seeds in our life. Starting college is planting a seed of education, having a baby is planting a seed of parenting, suffering from trauma plants a seed of pain. 

Over time, the seeds that you plan will transform into something beautiful (and sometimes something not so beautiful). But essentially, your future is all up to the seeds that you are planting right now. 

Before I get into the seeds of growth, I want to talk about the 3 important lessons that my little garden taught me. I’m so thankful that I was able to learn these lessons because now I can keep them forever and share them with you.

Nurture your seeds.

Planting a seed takes work. I had to check on my plants every single day. I had to check for pests, give them water, and make sure they were getting enough sun. I had to prune them and move them to larger containers when the roots were getting too big. I had to check if the pumpkin was getting pollinated and make sure the soil was right. 

I had to nurture my garden every day. That is what you have to do in life. You can’t expect to plan a seed and let it go. You have to nurture it, give it your attention, make sure it is growing according to plan. 

Patience is everything

Whatever your goals are in life and whatever seeds of growth that you decide to plant will require patience. Growing a beautiful life takes time, just like growing a garden takes time. You have to be patient with yourself and everyone in your circle. Life isn’t always easy and sometimes you will wonder why you aren’t getting the results that you want or what you are doing wrong. This is normal because you are human. Just be patient and incredible things will happen.

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    Bad days will happen

    I always would laugh with my mom and show her how dramatic my plants were. If I forgot to water them for a day or if I didn’t water them on time they would begin to look pitiful. They would get so droopy and sad looking in such a short amount of time. After watering them, they would return back to their normal happy selves in no time. 

    Life is like this. There are going to be bad days. There are going to be hard times where you might feel under the weather and things might not look very promising. This is what makes your journey all the more rewarding when you finally achieve your desires.

    Remember, stars can’t shine without darkness. So if you are struggling with something, don’t worry because you will pull through and you are becoming stronger.

    Seeds of growth to plant in your life right now

    Seeds of wealth

    It took me a long time to understand the rules of money. I didn’t know anything about saving, investing, and making more money until my late twenties when I decided to do a lot of research. Once I learned everything, I realized that managing money was easier than I thought, I just didn’t have the proper knowledge. 

    Money isn’t intimidating when you are educated about it. You can plant seeds of wealth by 

    • Becoming educated about money
    • Evaluating your finances
    • Create systems for saving your money
    • Investing your money

    In April, I will spend the entire month talking about money and how to manage it like the intelligent woman that you are. So stay tuned because I have a lot of wonderful content coming for you.

    Seeds of health

    One of the most important seeds of growth to plant for yourself are seeds of health. I don’t know where in the world you are reading this post, but here in the United States we tend not to prioritize health the way we should. The result is a lot of unhealthy people seeking ways to band-aid the situation instead of preventing and healing. 

    I was one of those people but lately I have been laser focused on my health because I want to make wise health choices while I am young because I know it will have a major impact on my future self. You can plant seeds of health by

    • Getting educated about health and nutrition
    • Making healthier meal choices every day
    • Exercising often

    Seeds of love

    Life is short and it is important to treat the people that we love accordingly. Love is important to people. It is good for the soul and makes us feel special. This spring I encourage you to step back and look at your relationships with the people that you love. 

    • Are you showing your appreciation for them regularly?
    • Are you spending enough time with them?
    • Are you struggling with a relationship with someone you love?
    • What can you do to make things better with your loved ones?

    Here are ways that you can plant more seeds of love

    • Call your grandparents and parents more often, send cards.
    • Be careful the way you treat your children, make sure they feel loved.
    • Be sure to make time for your spouse, even when life gets hectic.
    • Let your friends know how much you appreciate them. Send cards, tell them, etc.

    Seeds of mental health

    I suppose that I should have mentioned this first, but it is important to make sure that you are taking care of your mental health so that you can properly plant seeds of growth. I love that mental health is getting the focus that it deserves, because when I was growing up, prioritizing mental health wasn’t a thing.

    Looking after your mental health will guarantee your success with whatever seeds you decide to plant for your life.

    Here are some ways to plant seeds of mental health

    • Do a mental cleanse. Make sure you are putting good things in your mind
    • Go to therapy if you have access to it. There is nothing wrong with therapy
    • Ask for help if you need it. 
    • Talk about your feelings. Don’t hold things in.


    Planting seeds of growth will take some time but you can do it. Things might get difficult but hard times will only make you stronger. This is how you can create an extraordinary life.


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