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Elegant soul: 7 ways to cultivate one

I know that I’ve said this a thousand times over but elegance is much more than putting on a classy dress and pearl earrings. There are many levels of elegant living but overall, elegance is extremely deep and complex. One of the ways is having an elegant soul.

I’ve always been fascinated with the art of soul searching. I think it’s because for the most part I feel deeply connected to my soul but it took me a long time to get there.

In my 20s I was deeply unsatisfied with my life. Looking back I realize it was because I wasn’t connected with my inner self, my soul.

I find it interesting how people are so invested in creating connections with other people without first cultivating a deep connection with themselves.

Today I’m sharing ways to cultivate an elegant soul.

elegant soul

What is the soul?

For me, the soul is the spiritual part of myself. The part of myself that I feel will live on forever. My memories, my personality, my connection to the universe and my identity.

It’s very hard to describe the soul because it’s something I feel more than something that I can talk about.

Others can feel your soul too, that’s why sometimes people describe someone as being a beautiful soul.

Do you currently feel like people would describe you as a beautiful soul? Do you feel like you have a beautiful soul? If you aren’t sure about these things then it’s time to get started on some soul work.

1.Let go of the past to create an elegant soul

One of the biggest things that hold us back in life is our past.

Leveling up the way you dress, speak and act are amazing.

But if you haven’t moved on from the past you are carrying around an enormous weight that is darkening your soul.

If you want to have an elegant soul it is important to try and let go of the past.

Everyone experiences hardships and trauma in their lives but some people choose to hold on to the trauma, others work hard to let it go.

Letting go of trauma and pain from your past can be very difficult and may even take years to heal.

You will heal in little pieces over time and slowly you will start to feel much lighter.

2.Heal your inner child

The way we were raised has a monumental impact on the way we are as an adult. Some women have difficult childhoods where they are forced to take care of their parents or raise themselves.

Some women experience other hardships in childhood that we were never taught to heal from.

It’s mind blowing to me that there is still not enough support for mental health. I am someone who loves to properly close a chapter before moving on in life.

But there are millions of women who are graduating high school having suffered from childhood trauma and going out in the real world without healing.

That only creates adults who have wounds. If the wounds aren’t healed in time, sometimes they are passed on to their children as well.

Healing is one of the first things I discuss in my elegance course.

3.Go on a self discovery journey

Soul searching or self discovery is the process of learning about the deeper parts of you. What is your true purpose in life and what you should be doing in order to live in alignment with the universe.

You’ll know it is time to soul search when you are feeling stuck in life or when you are going through a major life transition and aren’t sure how to navigate.

It is very easy in this busy world to lose touch with yourself and start living out of alignment. Don’t feel bad when it happens. Instead view it as an opportunity to find yourself again.

elegant soul

4.Find what makes you laugh

I truly believe that laughter is one of the biggest keys to a beautiful soul. I love to laugh. But there have been some chapters in my life where I realized that I wasn’t laughing as much because I wasn’t happy as I could have been.

Now I make it a priority to laugh as hard as I can each and every day.

I like to laugh as soon as I wake up or right before I fall asleep. I like to save tik tok videos and other hilarious clips online that I can watch later.

I also love to think back on funny old memories and laugh at those. Do you laugh enough? Do your friends and inner circle make you laugh? Try to make laughter a priority in your life.

5.Do things that make you happy for an elegant soul

This seems like an obvious tip but I know so many people who aren’t prioritizing things that make them happy. They are tired from working all the time, they are busy with school or they are taking care of their kids.

They put their lives on the backburner and I used to do the same thing.

Why do we give time to work, school, and everyone else without giving time to make ourselves happy?

If we are the happiest version of ourselves we can show up in that way for every other aspect of our lives.

6.Cleanse your mind

We organize our homes, cars, work lives, finances, etc. We cleanse and declutter our homes regularly. Why aren’t we doing this with our minds as well?

Think of your mind as a computer with thousands of open tabs. I don’t know about you but I can’t stand to see too many tabs on my internet screen. Too many tabs overwhelm me.

So why is it okay for us to have all of those open tabs in our mind? If you want to have an elegant soul, work on cleansing your mind.

7.Choose things that are aligned with your soul

Start making more intuitive decisions. Choose things that are aligned with your soul. I’ve started doing this since the beginning of the year and the quality of my life has improved.

I apply this in every aspect of my life.

I also apply this when I plan for my future. What things can I do that are aligned with my soul?

Final thoughts

There is no better time to start working on the deeper parts of you. Connecting with your soul and creating an elegant soul is one of the best things you can do on your elegance journey. I hope these tips inspire you to get to work.

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