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Advanced elegance tips: 6 steps to the next level

POV: You’ve leveled up. You followed all of the steps that you can find online for taking your life to the next level. Some steps include creating a morning routine, changing your habits, creating goals, etc.

You made changes.

You saw the results.

And you lived that version of yourself for a while.

But then one day you started feeling stuck again. And you can’t figure out why.

After all, you shouldn’t be feeling this way because you invested so much time working on yourself. 

Nevertheless, you can’t help but feel like something is missing in your life again.

This was me over the summer.

I did a total life transformation before I turned 30 and I honestly can not believe how much of a difference it made (in a good way). I felt alive again and I was thriving. It seemed like things were almost too good to be true.

I was so happy with my results that I immediately created courses for other ladies who wanted to do the same. And those courses are successful. I have helped so many women around the world.

But here we are years later and I am in a completely different stage of life. I work a lot more, my social circles have changed and my kids have gotten much older.

And all of a sudden over the summer I started to feel stuck again. For weeks and weeks I noticed that I wasn’t myself but I couldn’t figure out why.

I had done everything right, right?

So what happens now?

There is one thing in life that is guaranteed. And that is change. Change is what makes the human experience so beautiful. We are always changing. And even when we aren’t changing at the moment, the world around us is always changing so we do have to adapt. 

And finally at the end of the summer I realized I was feeling this way because it’s time for me to level up…again.

Here is what I’m covering in this post

  • Storytime: The photo that changed everything
  • How to know you are ready for advanced tips
  • The advanced level up plan
  • Living ‘as if’

Storytime: The photo that changed everything

My parents have never been out of the country.

I have never been out of the country.

Growing up, we never took major vacations. We simply couldn’t afford them.

I still haven’t seen the U.S. and I definitely haven’t seen the world.

I’ve wanted to start traveling for years. I watch travel vlogs all the time and I think to myself how much I want to travel.

But travel always seemed impossible for me because I’ve never experienced it and my parents haven’t either.

As part of my advanced level up plan I decided to take the first step towards my ultimate travel goals. Getting a passport. I put it on my goals list and then broke down the goal into smaller tasks. The first task was to get my passport photo taken.

advanced level up tips

And just like that, I am taking the steps to not only change the trajectory of my life, but break a generational cycle of not even owning passports or traveling at all.

This isn’t just for me. This is for my kids as well.

Finally, after years of saying that I was going to get my passport, I finally took the first step.

All because of my advanced level up plan.

How to know when you are ready for advanced level up tips

You’ve taught yourself to take action.

One of the main problems that I had before I leveled up the first time is that I never took any action at all. I knew what I wanted in life but I never did anything to get there.

If you’ve already gone through the first stage of leveling up, especially if you took one of my courses, you already know that I had action steps at the end of each lesson and that you cannot possibly see results from the course unless you complete the action steps.

You cannot move on to advanced tips if you aren’t good at taking action.

You’ve worked on healing yourself.

In one of the very first sections of my elegance course, I always suggest that before trying to become a classy woman you must heal yourself from any traumas you have experienced in the past.

The lesson suggests getting therapy, journaling, etc. Because you cannot reinvent yourself and become a brand new person if you are still carrying baggage from your past.

While I am not a therapist and cannot teach you how to heal your trauma, I always suggest in my courses that you work with a professional.

You’ve already seen results from beginner level up tips.

Honestly at this point whenever I see tips on how to level up, most of the time every single article and video I come across lists different variations of the same things. There is a reason for that.

The reason is because those tips really do work. They helped me transform my entire life. So if you have actually focused on the basic level personal development and elegance tips then you are ready to move to the advanced tips.

The advanced elegance plan

Going beyond the vision board: Creating an entire presentation for your next level.

I knew that if I wanted to take my life a step further, I would have to do things slightly different than I had before. I was familiar with vision board and things like that, but I needed more.

The way companies create business and marketing plans is the way I wanted to approach this next level of life.

I wanted to be much more detailed and specific in my plans as well as have a list of actions that I can take each and every day to get closer to my goals.

I also wanted to create this plan so that I could start living ‘as if’ I was already this woman. I will talk more about this later.

Step 1: Stop thinking small & create a big vision for your future.

I do have to admit that this step is similar to the steps in every basic personal development post but it is important. The reason why we never skip the vision part is because it is imperative that we have a clear goal that we are working towards.

In the advanced system though, the goals in this vision should be a little different than they were before, and I will be elaborating on that in the course.

Step 2: Creating the next level goals.

This is slightly different than the vision, basically what happens here is that you are taking the vision and turning it into actionable goals. These goals are much more detailed than they are in beginner level goal setting. They say your goals aren’t good enough if they aren’t scary or seem completely impossible.

Step 3: Creating your new identity

In this step, you are essentially going to create an entirely new version of you. A whole new identity. You will need this because the next steps will be focusing on shifting dimensions into that new identity.

Step 4: Rewiring your mind

This is one of my favorite parts. We are going to use some advanced methods to rewire your mind so that you can slowly shatter your limiting beliefs about this next chapter and slowly start shifting into the next level of your life.

Step 5: The road map

This step is optional, but I love using my road map to see exactly where I am in my journey to leveling up. I have this road map included in the course for you to edit your steps.

Step 6: Creating the advanced system

This is where the magic happens. This is where you finally take everything that you have planned and use it to create a system that you implement daily in your life to make that shift to a higher vibrational level in life.

The system is easy, but I never see anyone speak about it and I think it is important for me to share this information with you.

This system is a way to slowly start shifting into a new reality that aligns with your goals. I’ve touched on this before in my blog, but this time we are going to be more calculated and detailed about our shifting.

Do you want to learn my Advanced Level Up Secrets?

If so, my signature course, Modern Elegance, Simplified is perfect for you!

advanced elegance tips

This course will teach you everything you need to know about becoming an elegant woman.

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