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Light Feminine energy in 5 minutes

I’ve always loved everything about the light feminine energy. All things girly, pink outfits and feminine dresses. French tip nails and a soft personality. I’ve seen it in movies all my life and I’ve always been drawn to the light feminine.

When I was growing up, girls who preferred to channel their light feminine energy were simply called girly girls. I never knew there was such a thing as the dark and light feminine energy.

Today I’m sharing everything you need to know about light feminine energy and how you can channel yours.

What is light feminine energy?

Lately, I have been seeing a lot about the dark feminine as I spend more time on various social media platforms. The dark feminine is gaining popularity because it’s the lesser known of the feminine energies. Growing up, I was unaware that there were different types of feminine energy.

There are two dimensions of feminine energy.

  • The light feminine
  • The dark feminine

The light feminine is the expression of the light, positive and soft energy that we all possess as women. It captures the nurturing, loving, softness that comes with being a traditional feminine.

The light feminine is

  • Angelic
  • Soft
  • Nurturing
  • Beautiful
  • Elegant
  • Loving
  • Sweet
  • Graceful

Is the light feminine only for blondes?

I came across this question one day when I was reading about feminine energies. It is an interesting thought because when I watch movies with women who are heavily channeling their light feminine (Think Elle Woods from Legally Blonde? The women are always blonde.

The same is said about the dark feminine also, girls asking if they are able to channel the dark feminine even though they are blonde.

The answer is no. The light feminine is definitely not only for blondes.

There are countless brunette women who easily live in their light feminine energy. Feminine energy isn’t about your hair color or body type, its about the type of energy that you exude on a daily basis through your clothes and mannerisms.

light feminine energy

Sometimes it’s difficult for women to channel the light feminine.

Some women struggle to channel the light feminine energy for many reasons. The most common reasons though are they didn’t have a good light feminine influence in their lives growing up, they work really hard and are constantly in survival mode (they don’t have time to live a soft life). Or they haven’t healed from a difficult past and are stuck in more of their masculine energy.

How to tap into your light feminine energy

If you want to channel your light feminine energy you will need to switch up your routines the same way that you would for your dark feminine energy.

Focus on your appearance first.

I always suggest appearance first because if you look the part, it is easier for your to act the part. Try and find clothes in feminine colors and styles. I love long dresses and floral prints.

Create a light feminine environment

Listen to light and girly music. Watch girly shows and read girly books. It puts your mind in the space that is perfect for channeling the light feminine.

Soft living

Learn etiquette and elegance, try to speak with a soft tone, and work on creating a soft and peaceful life for yourself. Spend time with people who are peaceful and positive. Don’t give your energy to toxic people.

Feminine guided meditation.

I really enjoy meditation. It has helped me understand and unlock the power of my mind. This meditation I found helps me stay connected to my light feminine energy. I suggest you give it a try.

Final thoughts

It’s fun to start opening up different types of energy that we have within us. In the summertime I’m almost always channeling my light feminine energy. I love connecting with the earth and wearing dresses.

In the fall and winter I wear a lot of black clothing and dark lipstick. This is when I spend more time in my dark feminine energy. I love that I have learned how to channel whichever energy I need at any given time. Apply some of these tips into your life and see how things change for you!

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