Homeschool Routine 2018-2019

Our home school routine 2018-2018. 4th Grade and 1st grade.

I. can’t. deal. My children are officially in the 4th and 1st grade! 2 more years and my oldest will be in MIDDLE SCHOOL! 
If you are new to my blog, I should let you know that I home school my children and have home schooled them all their life. You can read about my decision to home school, below.
Every year, I try to create a routine that is good for both of my girls. A routine that allows them to learn while they have fun. Kids grow and change all the time so their routines constantly need adjustments. I love that homeschooling is so flexible so that I am able to maximize their learning experience to best fit their needs.
For the most part, our general routine will stay the same, but I am introducing some new things to help them become more independent with their school work. Today I’m going to to share them with you.
Every year around Valentines Day, Target has these adorable little mailboxes for just $1. We picked them up just to write letters to each other occasionally, but they have become such a fun part of our lives! I leave letters, chore money, and treats in their mailboxes and they are always so excited to go downstairs in the morning and see their flags up. Lately though, we have been super busy and I haven’t been using the mailboxes, so I’m determined to start using them again.
Every night after they go to bed, I will leave them some morning work and any other assignments or treats in their mailbox. They usually check their mail right before breakfast, so I will tell them to tidy their room, get dressed, and complete the assignments that I put inside for them. They have more fun doing their work, and it gives me time to get a couple minutes of extra time to relax

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I know I know, I always tell people that I love the freedom of not having a schedule with home schooling, but I’m not talking about a daily schedule, I am talking about an activity schedule. We spent a lot of time swimming, at the pool, at the park, at the movies, at field trips, having picnics, etc. But last year was all over the place. Being spontaneous was awesome, but I want a little more of a routine. So I’ve talked to the girls and we’ve come up with somewhat of a schedule.

MondayMath and Science Day
TuesdayArt Day
WednesdayPool or Park Day
ThursdayRestaurant Day
FridayElective Day

With every year that passes, the girls interests expand. They have very different personalities. This year, I am diving into their passions head first. Zoey is really into all things girly. Hair, makeup, fashion, beauty, baking cupcakes, doing art, etc. Alexa is the opposite, she is into nature, cooking, science, and astrology. Such fun subjects! So I plan on spending Fridays exploring their passions.

OMG! My kids are really into science and experiments, so I ordered a microscope for them. It was delivered today and we are absolutely in LOVE! We looked at so many different things. Dirt, leaves, grass, hair, salt, sugar, flower petals, etc. I can’t wait to write a full post about it because I know we will be using this microscope a LOT this year.

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Last year I did several photography exercises with the kids. They really enjoy it, but Alexa is really good with the camera. I recently purchased a tripod, and a 50mm 1.8 lens, so we will be taking our photography lessons up a notch and I absolutely can not wait.

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Zoey, my youngest, is obsessed with all things girly. She loves fashion, and makeup so much and she said she wants to do more makeup. I love everything about this and I will be helping her practice makeup with the help of my favorite ladies on youtube. I know she will love this because she loves doing her own makeup. I can’t wait to keep you updated!

I am so excited to start this year! We will start our school right after we get back from our Wedding!

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