10 lessons that changed my perspective on life.

It is currently 2023. The world has undergone substantial changes in the past few years. Through it all, I tried to always look at the positives and to learn from everything that I was experiencing.

Life will teach you many things if you slow down and pay attention.

And that is what I have been doing these past few years. I’m approaching life as if I am brand new to the world. I want to absorb everything. I want to learn so much and I’m open to learning lessons from the universe.

Since shifting my mindset to recognize life lessons, I have learned things that have permanently altered my brain chemistry.

Lessons that unlocked parts of the world that I never knew existed and caused me to have a whole new perspective on life. It’s crazy what can happen when you truly open up your heart to learning new things.

Today I’m sharing 10 life lessons that made me look at life in an entirely different way.

life lessons

1.Stop seeing people as humans…

I experienced a spiritual awakening in 2020 when the world slowed down and everyone was spending most of their time at home. I chose to spend my time reading, watching videos and listening to podcasts about spirituality.

I learned many things during that journey that made me change the way I think about life, but the most important thing I learned was this quote.

When you stop looking at people as humans and start seeing them as only energy your whole perspective changes


I became more aware of energies during that time and how important it is to pay attention to not only my energy but the energy of people around me. Energies will tell you more than words ever could.

Now, I am quick to sense when there is negative or toxic energy and I do my best to avoid situations with bad energy.

This article explains the concept detail.

2.You are where you’re supposed to be *reality check*

I think people are where they deserve to be

and if you look at what they did over the last 10 years

their life is going to look exactly what it should look like.

This one was an incredible reality check for me. I came across this quote over the summer and it had me instantly questioning everything I’ve done over the last 10 years.

I found it to be extremely true in my case, when I look at what I’ve done over the last 10 years, my life looks exactly what it should look like.

It made me think of all the amazing things I’ve accomplished over the last decade, and also the things that I shouldn’t have been doing.

It’s an excellent lesson to keep in the back of my mind moving forward.

3.Everything is more beautiful because we are doomed

I came across a scroll stopping quote online last year that I think about all the time.

I’ll tell you a secret

Something they don’t teach you in your temple

The gods envy us.

They envy us because we’re mortal.

Because any moment might be our last.

Everything is more beautiful because we are doomed.

You will never be lovelier than you are now.

We will never be here again.


Sometimes I question life. We all do. It’s human nature. But this quote makes me realize how delicate life is and makes me appreciate it more.

I take this as a lesson and a reminder to appreciate every little moment of life and to be more grateful for life itself. It also inspires me to celebrate more.

Because life is something that should be celebrated.

4.Stop seeing the good in people

Sometimes you need to stop seeing the good in people and start seeing what they show you.

I learned this lesson earlier in life, but I didn’t realize it until I saw it written down in black and white. In your lifetime you will encounter and build relationships with many different people. But some of those relationships won’t be as happy as you wish.

In that situation you will have two choices.

To see the good in someone and ignore all of the pain they are causing you and potentially your family as well.

or to see what they show you.

It can be difficult, because sometimes it means that it is time to walk away from certain people in your life. It can also be a positive thing, someone could be showing you how amazing they are and how they deserve a place in your life.

But it is important to know that everyday you are choosing to see what you want to see in other people. Be careful with that choice.

5. Quiet your mind.

To a mind that is still, a whole universe surrenders

-Lao Tzu

This quote wouldn’t have resonated with me if I didn’t have a life changing mediation experience on the beach in 2020.

During my spiritual awakening I started practicing meditation. I find that keeping my mind still is very difficult.

During a quite morning on the beach I decided to meditate because the sound of the waves could drown out all of my distractions.

And I will never be able to put into words the extraordinary experience that I had. It wasn’t even a long meditation, but I felt out of body. I felt it on a molecular level. I felt like I could feel the presence of my soul stronger than I ever have. I felt like I traveled through time and space.

It was truly indescribable and a life changing experience.

It solidified this quote that sometimes one of the best things you can do for yourself is to quiet your mind.

6.Everything is connected

When I was around 9-11 years old, I fell in love with the name Zoe. I don’t remember why exactly, but when I would sign off on my diary I would use that name. I wanted my name to be Zoe. I loved the name so much.

My name, Victoria, is a beautiful name. And I’ve always loved my name. But I really wanted my name to be Zoe back then.

When it was time to name my second daughter, my husband and I couldn’t decide on a name. I had my heart set on a name that he absolutely did not like.

We would suggest other names, but we couldn’t agree.

Until I suggested Zoey.

And he immediately agreed.

Now when I think about it, I realized that somehow all those years ago I was connected with my future self. It isn’t as easy as me naming my child myself. I wouldn’t have chosen a name if my husband didn’t like it as well.

Understanding interconnectedness is realizing that every moment of your life is meaningful and when you zoom out you can see it is a part of your whole journey. Just like a book where nothing makes sense until the end, such is every moment of your life.

It’s beautiful.

7.Lost time is never found again

I have always been fascinated with time and the passing of time. Now that I’m back to working more hours and have less time, the quote by Benjamin Franklin is always fresh in my mind.

Lost time is never found again

-Benjamin Franklin

This short quote makes me thing of time in a very different way. It makes me want to be more intentional with how I spend my time and who I spend my time with.

In regards to working more, I love my job but I want to make sure I am doing the right things with the money I’m earning. That way it will have been worth it to give that much of my time to work.

8.Letting a new person into your life is a privilege. Be intentional about who you give access to.

I have always been protective of my energy and the people I let into my life, but over the years I have become way more protective than I used to be.

I have learned that being a part of my inner circle (or more intimate parts of my life) is a privilege and not everyone should have access to my life like that.

It is also important to remember this now that we live in the age of social media. Be careful what you share online and who you are sharing it with. Not everyone needs to know the inner workings of your life.

9. Worry about what you can control

This is something that I wish someone taught me sooner. As someone who struggles with anxiety, it is very easy for me to worry about everything.

A couple of years ago, I learned about the circle of control and that there are things that you simply shouldn’t ever worry about because it is outside of your control.

circle of control life lessons

The circle of control has helped reduce my anxiety because there are many things that I simply do not worry about anymore.

10. The whole system is designed to disconnect you from your intuition

The system. In America, we have a system. And that system is specifically designed to keep you disconnected with yourself.

  • Our healthcare isn’t focused on being healthy it’s focused on fixing you when you get sick.
  • TV and movies are almost always toxic in some way.
  • Work schedules are designed to keep us exhausted and lacking free time.
  • Our food is designed to make us sick.
  • Ads are designed to make us want to spend more.

It’s all one big system to keep us as far from our authentic self as possible. And that is something that I didn’t realize until I was an adult.

Once you realize what the system really is, you will know how to fight it and start living in your own power.

Final thoughts:

These are life lessons that have had a significant impact on my life over the past several years. I hope you learn from this post and maybe it will help you change your mindset about things you didn’t even know you needed to change.

One thing that I live by now is that there are lessons everywhere and it is important to never stop learning.

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