Elegant hairstyles to master in 2020

Do you have a Pinterest account?

Do you have a ‘hair’ pinterest board filled with absolutely stunning hairstyles that you would LOVE to have? 

Do you realize that you NEVER even attempt to try the hairstyles? 😕 

And you just keep adding and adding new styles to your board?

Well same girl, same. 😳 

I’ve had pinterest for 8 years and I’ve been collecting hairstyles for so long. Every time I pin one I think to myself man I wish I had a glam team that could just do it for me. 

But unfortunately that isn’t the case. So I’ve decided I’m going to do something about it. 

I’m actually going to TRY NEW STYLES IN 2020! And I’m hoping that this post motivates you to do the same. 

There are many reasons why I never try the hairstyles in my Pinterest boards. For me, I just suck at hair styling. In fact, I went through a year of cosmetology school where I learned the fundamentals of hair styling and I quit because I hated it so much. I also just plain sucked at it. 

Because of this I only have two ways that I normally style my hair. I rock my natural curls or I straighten it. I never do any new styles, and braids are just completely off the table. 

In to make my hair style dreams a reality, I have created a master plan and as long as I follow it, I think everything is going to work out.

The first step, create a hair mood board.

I used Pinterest and Canva to do this because it’s the easiest way for me. Basically I went through my entire Hair board on Pinterest and picked 6 hairstyles that I loved the most. I made a collage and that’s my inspiration board.

The next step, make sure you have all the tools that I need to create the style.

This one can be hard for me because I am very frugal and I like to save money. So for now, I chose hairstyles that were easy to do without purchasing expensive products. 

The final step, practice!

The best way to learn is to practice. When I taught myself the fishtail braid years ago. I practiced the style once per day for 5 days straight until I could create a perfect fishtail braid.

I actually created a chart for each style and for every time I practice it, I’ll give myself an x until I have practiced each style 5-10 times. It might seem silly to you, but its the only way I will learn. Plus, each time I do a style I become faster at it. So by the 10th time, I should be able to do these styles in no time.

The Pull Through Braid

I love braids and I’m not terrible at doing them on my kids but I absolutely suck when it comes to doing them on my self. I saw the pull through braid last year and wanted to try it but of course I never did.

video by Cassie Scroggins

I started practicing the pull through braid last weekend. I tried it on my daughter to make sure I got the hang of the technique and then I tried it on myself. My daughters hair turned out way better than mine but it was only my first try. I’m just glad I did it in the first place.

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Tiny Curls

My hair is naturally curly, but I love the look of ultra tiny curls for some reason. I think it’s a nice change from my curls which are loose and flowy. Lucky for me, I already have a tiny curling wand that is perfect for these types of curls. But if you hair is naturally straight, this is something you should try! Switching up your look every now and again is good for the soul.

Twisted Ponytail

I don’t really wear my hair in a ponytail. I always wear it down. I think twisted updos are super elegant and they are easier than braiding. Thank goodness.

Half up hairstyles

I haven’t worn a half up hairstyle since the 90’s, but this gorgeous half-up bun hair is a super cute way to get my hair out of my face without just putting it up in a ponytail.


Conclusion: Trying new styles is going to be tedious, but beautiful. I have long hair so my arms tend to get super tired halfway through any style. Even blow drying my hair is a complete pain. But I am determined to master these styles and take my hair to the next level.

Which one of these styles is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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