Self care for elegant women (celebrity inspired)

How to practice self care for elegant women inspired by the celebrity and affluent lifestyle.

Hello, Gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by the blog. If you are new here, welcome! My name is Victoria and I teach women like you to to live a classy and elegant lifestyle. Today we’re going to talk about self care for elegant women.

If you ask me, The United States is one giant high school and the A list celebrities are the popular kids. That’s just the way I look at it. For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with celebrity life.

They get the best doctors, access to the most exclusive events, and they have a whole team of people working for them at all times. It’s crazy and super fascinating to me.

The world’s richest and most elegant women make self care an absolute top priority. And the women with a lot of money spend ridiculous amounts of money on self care. They are investing in themselves, after all.

If you are trying to create a life of class and grace, there’s no doubt that taking better care of yourself plays and important role in your success. I was inspired by celebrities to create this post because I think elegant women can learn a lot from celebrities when it comes to self care.

You don’t have to be rich to spoil yourself with top notch care either. You can expect to spend some money, but treating yourself every now and then won’t break the bank.


While I would never want to be a celebrity or be involved with anyone in living such a public lifestyle, I can’t help but want to live like a celebrity sometimes.

And I’m not talking about having expensive cars or being on TV. I’m talking about the things that celebrities do on a regular basis to keep them looking and feeling their best.

I must say that I’ve been a loyal viewer of Keeping up with the Kardashians since the show aired. And lots of people ask me “why do you even watch that show?” Well it’s simple, I like getting a look into the life of celebrities.

Their homes, extravagant parties, events, beauty treatments, and their daily drama really fascinates me. I’m always wanting to learn more.

5 years ago, I would have told you that I have absolutely no interest in living like a celebrity. Idk why, but things have changed.

They have perks that I would love to enjoy myself. But this isn’t just about the Kardashians, this is about all celebrities.

It’s just that the Kardashians are the only ones to share their lives on tv for such a long time. So long that they have grown up and had their children on the show.

We don’t just get to see how they live their lives, we get to see snippets on how these billion dollar babies are being raised. Private jets, diamonds before the age of 1, It’s all part of the lifestyle. 

Social media makes it even easier to get a peek into celebrity lives without waiting for it to air on tv months later.

The more I have been exposed to their access to the finer things in life, the more I want to get a piece of the pie. For the past several months, I have tried to find affordable ways to incorporate the celebrity lifestyle in my own life.

Here are 5 ways you can level up your self care routine on a budget

Top Notch Doctors

I mention this briefly in the elegance course, but I’m putting this at number one because really our health should be a top priority. But at this current moment I have to admit that I don’t have a general practitioner to go to if I needed to see a doctor.

The reason why I don’t is because I had a huge battle with anxiety a couple years ago when I was just figuring out what it was. I needed help because the panic attacks were so bad so I went to the local family doctor. Without going into detail I was beyond displeased with how I was treated.

Drugs were basically shoved in my face and that was it.

Drugs that gave me suicidal thoughts, made me feel sick and disoriented, etc. But that isn’t the kind of healthcare I want. I want a doctor who will sit down with me and say.

“Based on your symptoms and your tests, it appears that you are suffering from anxiety disorder. Anxiety is very common among Americans and there are many ways to treat it. One of the ways is by taking prescription drugs, and other ways can include blah blah blah.” I want a doctor to care about me. I did not feel like that at my doctor and therefore I haven’t been back since. 

The Kardashians have had a private family doctor for decades. I’m pretty sure that this doctor actually delivered Kourt and Kim although I might have that wrong.

But my point is that the Kardashians have a doctor that they trust and one who has been in their life for a long time. They also have doctors that come to their house and treat them (which I don’t think I’ll be able to afford anytime soon). 

So how do you get celeb quality healthcare? Go Doctor hunting. I know it sounds crazy right. Who wants to take time off in their day to go out and find a good doctor.

Once you find one, the hard work is over and you at least have someone that you trust. Finding a doctor will require you to take a couple steps.

  • Call around to general practitioners in your area and find the ones that take your insurance. 
  • Go into each doctor’s office and check it out. What’s the vibe like? Are you comfortable there? 
  • Then you need to go to Google and read reviews. You can learn a lot from google reviews. Look for the doctor that people recommend most and the next time you need to be seen, try to get an appointment with that same doctor.

Hopefully you find a good doctor on the first try. If you aren’t comfortable, try a different doctor in the practice or try a new practice next time. I know it seems so boring, but it’s wildly important.

Personalized health and nutrition plans

This is a journey that I am personally going to be starting in 2020, but another thing that celebrities do is they have access to the best fitness and nutrition coaches in the game. And these coaches create custom plans for their body’s needs.

A couple months ago, I was watching an episode of Red Table Talk (one of my favorite shows out right now) And the Smith family sat down to talk about their diet and how they think that it has a direct link to their health and how they have been feeling.

A doctor joins them and tells them that they are all going to get tests done that will determine the exact cause of their ailments and then they will create personalized plans to treat them. 

I thought to myself omg I want to do that. Must be nice to be a celebrity. But then I went online and did a little research of my own. And guess what I found?

I found a holistic doctor that came highly recommended from tons of women in a facebook group I’m in. They do exactly what I was looking for. I’ll have to go in and have a consultation, then get some blood work done and that will tell everything that my body is missing out on.

Then they will help me create a diet and supplement plan to correct it. I am SO excited! I really want to start making health a priority before it’s too late.

Places like this usually aren’t covered under insurance, but I don’t care. It’s worth the investment to me. And I will be blogging the full experience whenever I get it underway. Hopefully it will inspire others to do the same.

Spa treatments

I noticed that celebrities are always trying new treatments. From laser hair removal, to the latest facial, to cryotherapy, to massages, it’s no secret that celebs have access to the best skin and body care.

This is also something that I am going to start doing in 2020 because I have never had a facial or a massage in my entire life.

And I definitely haven’t had laser or any of these cutting edge procedures either. If you want to start living like a celeb, consider getting a treatment or service that you have never had before.

It will be fun! I’m going to get my first hot stone massage for my birthday and I am currently researching the best laser hair removal in the area. It’s going to be fun.


One thing that I wish that I had was a better sense of style or at least someone who could pick outfits out for me. Maybe not forever but I think I would like to try it for a week or something like that.

Imagine having someone plan your outfits for you so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Imagine getting to wear custom made gowns that are works of art, ugh I know I would love that. But the best way to get somewhere close to celebrity fashion is to put more effort into creating awesome outfits for yourself.

Create capsule wardrobes for ease but also find some statement outfits that command attention. It’s really amazing what happens when you start dressing better. You gain more confidence and you feel better about yourself more each day.

As far as luxury and name brand fashion goes, try shopping on Poshmark and The RealReal for name brands at up to 90 percent discount from the original price.

Hair and makeup

OMG having a team of people to come in and do my hair and makeup everyday is honestly such a dreamboat. Mostly because I’m just not very talented when it comes to hair and makeup.

I plan on practicing new hairstyles and makeup looks in 2024 and I will definitely be sharing that with you.

But if you are like I am and need some help, find a hairstylist who does an incredible job on your hair. Finding the right stylist takes a lot of time and sometimes you have to find more than one. My hairstylist is great at cut and color but referred me to another stylist in the salon if I want some pinterest worthy braids and curls. 

Makeup is a bit different. For a price, makeup artists will come to your house and do your makeup, but in my experience it costs a lot of money.

I suggest finding a good makeup artist at your local ulta or department store that you can go to if you need a killer look for special occasions.

You can also watch videos on youtube and try to take your makeup skills up a notch. Everyone has their go-to makeup look and I think it’s time to start adding new go-to looks to your arsenal.

Maybe have 5 go-to looks instead of just 1 or 2. I already know there are some of you out there who love makeup and are always trying new looks, but that’s not me. So for me to get some variety in my makeup routine it’s going to take some work. 


Celebrities are always traveling to exotic locations and getting the best treatment there is to offer. This is perhaps what I envy most about celebrities. Travel is my favorite form of self care for elegant women.

Because not only do they get to travel, they get to travel with their stylist, makeup artist, etc. What a dream. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to start traveling.

I am not a travel expert by any means. In fact, I’ve never left the United States. But I am taking the steps necessary to be able to afford travel and it’s going to be amazing when it happens.

If you want to start traveling more but don’t have the money to do it at the moment, try doing short road trips and daycations first.

You will be surprised at the cool things that are hiding in your backyard. If you are the type to catch flights and not feelings, then I suggest trying spa treatments or new experiences that you wouldn’t normally do.

Something out of your comfort zone. Really immerse yourself in the culture of your destination instead of just living the resort life. Make sure you take great photos and maybe even keep a diary documenting your travels.


Celebs are always going to the coolest events and it seems like it would be so much fun. But it doesn’t require you being a celebrity to dress up and do something fun every now and then.

Consider hosting events yourself or finding local events to attend. I know that one of the top things on my list whenever we finally buy a house is to start throwing more parties. I know for sure that I want to have a white party, a Halloween party, and dinner parties all the time with my friends. I can’t freaking wait!

Over the years I’ve realized that living like a celebrity isn’t as far-fetched as I thought it was. There are tons of little things you can do for yourself to make you feel like a celebrity!

It’s definitely something worth trying if you want to create a more luxurious lifestyle. Remember luxury doesn’t just mean Rolls Royce cars and Private Jets.

It also means good health care and access to experiences that you normally wouldn’t have access to. There are many ways to practice self care for elegant women, you just have to find what’s right for you.

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