Modern Elegance, Simplified

From ordinary to spellbinding elegance in 60 days

This one decision will change your life forever

Can you relate to any of these?

⭐️You were a tomboy your whole life and you feel like it’s time to channel your feminine energy.

⭐️You’re in college (or about to graduate) and are facing the real world for the first time. You want to learn etiquette, how to dress, and how to navigate the world with class.

⭐️You’re a mom and you’ve lost yourself in the crazy life of raising kids. You want to find yourself and become a classy, put together mom.

⭐️You’re having an identity crisis. Perhaps you just got out of a toxic relationship, you struggle with confidence, and you feel disconnected from your inner self

⭐️You’re over 40 and you want to revamp your life! Maybe your kids are older and you’re ready for a new chapter. So many of my clients are in this stage, you are not alone.

⭐️You were picked on in school, or you were in situations where you always had to be tough. Now you want to be soft and feminine.

⭐️You didn’t have a feminine influence growing up.

You’ve been stuck in your masculine energy for a long time.

You didn’t have a feminine/classy influence growing up.

You want to live an elegant, high quality lifestyle.

wHAT IF YOU COULD create an
elegant life in just 60 days?


Modern Elegance, SIMPLIFIED

Modern Elegance, Simplified is an elegance-made-easy course for the everyday woman who wants to elevate her lifestyle in just 60 days.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned on my journey to an elegant life and put it all into an easy to follow course for women who are ready to start living life as the highest version of themselves.

Inspired by the world’s classiest women, the British royals, and good old fashioned etiquette rules, Modern Elegance Simplified is a marvelous road map for channeling your feminine energy and creating a high quality life.

Here's What you get...

18 Elegant life lessons

Instant access to all 18 Elegance lessons that will help you live an elegant life.

5 bonus lessons

Extra elegance lessons that will help you with all of the fancy details of an elegant life.

Printable Checklist

With action steps that will help you transform your life.


I'm Victoria & This is my reality

I used to struggle with feeling like I wasn’t living a high quality life. I always felt stuck and I didn’t know how to make it better.

A couple years ago I finally made the decision to upgrade my life and not look back.

I created new habits and made small upgrades to my lifestyle that produced life changing results. 

By infusing my life with elegance, grace and class, I was able to transform into a happy, confident woman.

I’m ready to help you do the same!

-fRANCESCA b, Florida

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

What you will learn...

Module 1: Elegance 101

In this module you will learn about what modern elegance is, and the crucial first step you will need to take to start your elegance journey.

Module 2: Elegant appearance

In this module you will learn how to upgrade your wardrobe on a budget and how to look like an classy woman.

Module 3: Act like a lady

In this module you will learn exactly how to act like the classiest woman in the room.

Module 4:Hobbies & Habits

In this module you will learn how to upgrade your daily habits and as well as your hobbies.

Module 5: Elegant lifestyle

In this module you will learn how to start and maintain living a classy lifestyle.

Module 6: Likeablity

In this module you will learn exactly how to boost likeability and create a magnetic presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

All lessons are in video format. Some bonus lessons are text format.

Upon payment, you will recieve immediate access to the course. 

It is lifetime access and you will be able to access new modules when they are added.

Due to the digital nature of the course, refunds are not accepted. If you have additional questions about the course to determine if it is right for you, please email me at [email protected].

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