My curly hair routine

 Curly Hair routine + Favorite products

I absolutely love my curly hair. It’s so versatile and amazing. It can be sleek and straight one day, and curly and voluminous the next. I wouldn’t change it for the world, but it sometimes can require extra maintenance. For over a decade, I was doing the same hair care routine. But since I had my daughters, I’ve been trying out different types of routines and I found some awesome new products along the way.
My oldest daughter, Alexa has the tightest curls. Her hair is super long when it’s blown out, so she has a lot of shrinkage from the curls. It is so pretty though, but sometimes can be difficult to comb out.
Then there’s me. I have looser curls that aren’t as difficult to manage. All of our hair is thin and fine. I don’t mind it, but I feel like it damages easier.
My youngest daughter, Zoey, doesn’t really have major curls. She just has enough curl to prevent us from classifying her hair as straight. Hers is the easiest to manage. But hers is very thin. She likes to wear her hair in a side ponytail a lot, which I think is super cute. She also likes when I blow her hair out.
All 3 of us have hair that doesn’t fancy humidity. In fact, humidity is our worst enemy. Because of this, we usually don’t blow out our hair that much in the summertime. It just gets super frizzy almost immediately and it is a huge waste of time. In the cooler months, we do wear our hair straight more often which is a nice change. I love that I am able to transform their hair for them to give them a new look for a couple of days.
Anyways, let’s talk about our hair routine. I used Herbal Essence shampoo for SO long you guys, Like, over a decade. I really have no reason why I never tried other kinds, I guess I thought it did well for our hair and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Right?
But recently I have been having an issue with the girls. One of them had been using the shampoo, not closing it all the way, and setting it upside down on the side of the tub. This caused all of my shampoo to run out. I asked her to keep the bottles right side up, but a couple days later it happened again. 

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I had to solve the problem. I had to find a new shampoo that had a different shape bottle. One that couldn’t be turned upside down. (I did recently realize that I could have just bought a pump container and transferred the shampoo to that, but I didn’t think of that until later). Anyways, I went to the store and started looking. I was drawn to this shampoo that I had thought about getting before, but never did. It’s the OGX Kukui Nut Oil Shampoo. It says it is supposed to hydrate and defrizz the hair. I was a little hesitant, but it’s super affordable. About 6 bucks. I decided to try it out. I didn’t even purchase the conditioner that day because I can tell by the shampoo if a product is going to work for my hair or not. I didn’t want to spend money on something that I wasn’t sure I would like.
It took about a week for me to realize how amazing this shampoo was. The first couple of days after use, my daughters hair was significantly easier to comb out. I dismissed it thinking it was just a good hair day. Finally, once experiencing the same results on my own hair, I realized that it was the shampoo! I immediately went to grab the conditioner and the rest is history!
To define our curls, I use the TreSemme Flawless curls mousse. I have been using it for years and I don’t have any complaints. 
That’s it! I am a very budget savy person and I don’t believe it takes tons of money and high end products for beautiful curls. 
I occasionally splurge on It’s a 10 miracle leave in product, it helps with de tangling and a bunch of other things. It is a great product that I highly recommend. It is especially awesome because it is a water based product. As you begin to run out, you can just add a little bit of water to make it last

I love my curls and I am teaching my girls to embrace them! Do you have naturally curly hair like us? What do you use for flawless curls? Let me know in the comments! 

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