Beach Packing List

My beach must-have list

I love going to the beach. Taking our family beach vacations are some of the best memories that we have together. We try to go every year and will soon start going several times per year.

When we go to the beach, it is super important that I pack EVERYTHING that we could possibly need as a family so that no matter what happens, we are fully prepared. 

We rent an awesome air bnb by the ocean and treat it like a home away from home. But over the years, I have become better at packing than when I first started going. I’ve learned how my skin behaved after days in the salt water. I’ve learned what I need to be completely comfortable at the ocean and so I’m going to share the best with you.

The number one most important thing: A lifeproof case for my phone. 
If you don’t own a lifeproof phone case and you spend a lot of time at the pool and beach in the summer, you definitely need one. Lifeproof cases are completely water proof so you can take bomb selfies and if you do manage to drop your phone it’s perfectly safe. Believe me, it’s way better than breaking your phone while you are on a trip.

A cute beach towel that is a neutral color
Maybe it’s because I have a photographers eye, but I always make sure I bring a beach towel that doesn’t clash with my swimwear for the sake of a cute instagram photo. You might think this is overkill, but I find that pics turn out way better this way.

Beach umbrella.
While the beach is a wonderful place to be, let’s not forget how bad the sun is for our skin. I really want nothing to do with premature wrinkles, so I do spend a lot of time in the shade during the hottest and sunniest part of the day. I love to spend time after the sun has started to set.

A good sunscreen
Speaking of the sun, I always have to have a good sunscreen and lots of it. Since you have to reapply it every couple hours, you don’t want to go to the beach on a half empty bottle. I always make sure I have a bunch of sunscreen on hand.

A yeti cup
I never knew about these things but my husband bought a yeti cup at the beach last year and after trying out I absolutely love them! Yeti makes super insulated cups that keep your drinks ice cold for a long, long time. Definitely perfect for a hot day in a beach town. 

Glam glow moisturizer face mask.
My skin gets SO dry after just one day at the beach. I have to stay on top of moisturizing it or else I will have wrinkles start to show within a week.

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