Dreamy Instagram accounts you should be following

 Dreamy Instagram accounts to follow right now

I have already admitted that I am addicted to the internet and social media. As much as I hate to say this, sometimes my addiction can affect me in a negative way. With so much content on the internet these days, sometimes I get caught up on things that aren’t going to add value to my life. This year, I want to do a serious mind cleanse, and for me that starts with the accounts that I follow online.

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I didn’t really follow anyone who was necessarily negative, but I did unsubscribe to all news channels (because its always negative) and any other accounts that aren’t going to inspire me. Mind cleansing is very important these days. We’ve never had so much to see and do as we have right now. I have put together a list of some accounts that you should follow immediately if you are into travel, dreamy vibes, and just all around amazing images. I hope you give these ladies a follow. I promise you will thank me later.
Meg is a Kauai-based wedding photographer who takes the absolute most beautiful wedding images that I have ever seen. Bonus points because she loves rainbows, I love them too. Seriously she is one of my favorite people to follow on instagram. 

Madeleine is a blogger based in Germany. She blogs about travel, recipes, fitness, and style. She also manages to take incredible photos of her travels.

Kat is a pineapple loving, sunset chasing, hawaii loving boss babe who never fails to bring the color to my instagram feed. Kat is a Canada native who often travels to Hawaii. She takes breathtaking photos of her travels and edits them with gorgeous colors. She also created The Content Planner which is the first ever planner created just for influencers/bloggers to plan their social media content. You can purchase the content planner here! Additionally, Kat created TheSaltyPineappleShop, where you can purchase merchandise she has created with her photography and of course tons of stuff with pineapples. She also has killer tropical wallpapers for your phone you can get free of charge! And be sure to give Kat a follow. She is amazing woman that I have been following for years

Lucia is a Greece based blogger who covers style, travel, and inspiration. I love all of her images in Greece, I think it is such a beautiful country!
Tina is a New York based blogger who quit her job in to travel around Europe and Africa. She is super feminine and loves lingerie, leather and lace. I love feminine style images so this is right up my alley. Look at all those roses ohmygoodness!!
Caroline is a lifestyle blogger who travels the world taking stunningly beautiful photos of her travels. I really love all of her pictures in the snow, I love snow so much. We are actually expecting snow today, and I’ve been looking outside every 5 minutes. 

Chelsea is a Hawaii based creative who takes beautiful photos all over the island. I love this photo with the molten lava. Look how incredible that is!

Lonie is lifestyle blogger based in Germany who left her job in the corporate world to travel the world and chase her dream of being a lifestyle blogger. She has some of the best images on the web and I love following her journey

Rava is pretty much a mermaid. She seems to live most of her life under the sea. When she isn’t swimming with exotic fish, she is creating jaw dropping jewelry with the treasures she finds in the ocean. Absolutely Love her work.

All of these ladies are absolutely incredible! If you are like me and enjoy finding inspiration online, definitely give each of them a follow. I personally love Meg Brady’s images and I think it would be incredible to do a wedding shoot with her! You can find her pricing info on her website, which you can find by clicking her name in this post! 

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