Clearwater Beach Trip!

3 Days in Clearwater Beach

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So I just returned from Clearwater Beach Florida for my Halloween themed photo shoot. I’ve had an incredible time at the photo shoot but I also wanted to share my experience in Clearwater, Florida with you.

Clearwater is the most beautiful beach that I have been to. That’s not really saying too much because I have not been outside of the US but this beach is known for it’s Beautiful Clear water and white soft sand.

If you are looking to visit a breathtakingly beautiful beach without leaving the country, I highly suggest you visit Clearwater.

I visited here a couple years back visiting my BFF who is living there doing work I immediately fell in love. I just found it to be so calm and so beautiful that I just really wanted to go back so I am very glad that I was able to return to Clearwater for my photo shoot.

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We flew in late Thursday night and arrived at our Tampa hotel at 1 AM on Friday morning. We stayed in Tampa for the night and headed to Clearwater later on. 


We grabbed breakfast at ihop before checking in to our hotel on the beach.My friend and I stayed at a hotel right in the heart of Clearwater. About 5 minutes from the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, which I will talk about in a minute. I will not recommend the hotel because it was not a pleasant stay, but the view was very pretty and the pool was nice and clean.

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The water is a beautiful combination of green and blue and it’s almost crystal clear. I was able to see my feet for a long time. I was also able to see lots of little fish!

What I like about this beach in particular is that were weren’t any waves. The sea was very peaceful and we were able to relax. Waves are fun, but not as relaxing in my opinion. There were a lot of people there at the time, and it got more crowded as the time passed. We stayed for a couple of hours and then went to grab lunch.



While we were in the ocean we saw this pirate ship sailing off to the distance. I love pirate ships and immediately wanted in I knew I had to go on this pirate ship before we left town. my friend was totally on board because it would be a fun way to end the day. 

After we had lunch we decided to go back into the water while we waited to go on a pirate cruise. The pirate cruise here in Clearwater Florida cost $40 per person and around $20 per child even for babies you have to pay $11.  It is a two hour cruise with all you can drink beer and wine for the adults and soft drinks for the kiddos.  The cruise was really fun and relaxing we were also able to see dolphins swimming together while on the cruise. This of course was my favorite part and made it definitely worth my time and money.


 After returning from the pirate cruise we had something to eat and then of course went right back to the ocean this time we had round floating rings that were really comfortable I nearly fell asleep in the ocean. The sunset was absolutely beautiful but it began to get chili quickly and with me being a little bit sick still I was really tired and had to go inside I was ready to relax for the evening and get started on Saturday. 


We had a little mishap with my friends phone so we spent the morning at Verizon in Clearwater replacing it. Once we replaced her phone we were able to go back to the hotel with a clear conscious get ready to get in the water.

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We Spent the rest of Saturday switching between the ocean and the pool. It was probably the best day that we had there. Very relaxing and low key. 

For dinner, we ate at this fun restaurant on the beach called Frenchies bar and grill and I got this amazing scallop dish that tasted delicious. I loved the atmosphere of the restaurant and highly recommend you come here. Check out our view!


We could see a storm coming in the distance, and by the time we were done with dinner, it was pouring down raining. We literally got our checks back in the nick of time. We had to run to the car and we were still soaking wet. We headed off to the mall because I needed to get a couple of items for a photo shoot and my friend wanted to go to the Disney store and the MAC store. After the mall, we called it a night. Is it just me or do you get much more tired on vacation? We were exhausted!


Sunday was a very memorable day! We visited the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. It is home to Winter, a dolphin that rose to fame after she was found stuck in a crab trap line. Her circulation to her tail was cut off due to the trap line. After a numerous efforts to save her tail failed, they had to amputate it. She was then given a prosthetic tail to help her swim and she has made a miraculous recovery! She was as happy as she could be!

I’m sorry I don’t have a ton of photos. To be completely honest, the glass at the aquarium was not very clean and there weren’t very many great photo opportunities while I was there. I do feel like this aquarium is has more of a family feel than other aquariums that I have been. I definitely had a wonderful time.

I had a truly wonderful time in Clearwater. I am currently planning a week long family vacation there for Summer 2019 and I can hardly wait. This time, I want to bring my kids with me so they can experience all of the wonderful things I did. I know they will love it!
Have you been to Clearwater Beach? Do you live in the area and have any suggestions for things activities I can add to our family trip? I would love to hear from you! Let me know!

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