Boldt Castle Tour

Boldt Castle Tour 

It’s Finally here! After 3 years of planning and waiting, we FINALLY made it to Boldt Castle! And you guys it was absolutely stunning! Today I am going to bring you along the full tour with me!
The History
George Boldt was a wealthy New York businessman who owned many hotels in New York City. He was married to the love of his life, Louise Boldt and they had two children. A boy and a girl. In 1900, Boldt hired a crew of people to construct a marvelous castle on Hart Island in Alexandria Bay, NY.
This six story, 120 room castle was going to be their summer home. However, soon before the castle was complete, Louise Boldt got sick and passed away. This devastated George so he told the crew to stop all construction and never returned to the island.
The Thousand Island Bridge Authority took over the castle in the 1970’s and began restoring it. Today it is a beautiful mix of fully finished and old uncompleted work. Now that you’ve got the tea, come explore with me!
The island
In order to reach the castle we were transported by boat, thanks to Uncle Sam boat tours. This quick 10 minute shuttle was fun, short, and sweet!
As we got closer to the castle, we got incredible views of the Power house, Main castle, and Alster Tower.
Power house
Main castle
Alster tower
Arriving on the island
Paying admission was quick and easy. The island is spectacular. It is very well maintained and always has a nice breeze since it is on the water. We wanted to explore the outside first, since it was going to be 90 degrees. It was getting hotter by the minute. First up was the Power house!
The Power House
This adorable mini castle is what sold me on this place in the beginning. I am obsessed with the architecture, and the stone work. Even though it looks like a castle, it actually was intended to supply the entire island with power.
isn’t it absolutely adorable? It’s my top spot for wedding pictures tomorrow!
There was a lot of history in the power house, and lots of old machines
Photos of the Boldt Family
The  gardens
The grounds are kept in pristine condition at all time which is pretty impressive, but my favorite part about them is that there are hearts everywhere! The Italian Gardens are so colorful, and vibrant with hearts!
Create. Inspire
The Alster Tower
Believe it or not, this beauty was meant to be a playhouse for the children. It even had a bowling alley! The tower was mostly unfinished, but had some cool artifacts inside!
The details in the walls were to die for
 There were doorways that lead to even more of the tower
The wall that you can go inside
I have no idea what to call this, but there is a wall separating the Italian gardens from the grounds below.
What we didn’t realize, was that you can go inside!
There was a gorgeous fountain outside
The Main Castle.
Where do I even begin with this? You guys it was absolutely stunning! Here are some pics of the outside. I loved all of the details
 I’ll start on the ground level. There was an adorable pool!
The main floor was immaculate! SO much detail you guys!
A gorgeous organ
 I fell in love with the ceilings!

There was a lot of art!

Louise Boldt’s wedding portrait
I loved this floral art
 George Boldt’s desk!
A gorgeous fireplace in George’s library
The pool table room was beautiful
Hearts everywhere!
The kitchen
The awesome dining room
There was an awesome piano
All of the furniture in the house was incredibly detailed!
There were 6 stories you guys! There were floors beyond the stained glass ceiling!
Lets go upstairs!
The grand staircase
George’s Suite
George’s reception room

Louise’s suite. I thought it was interesting they had separate rooms!
The bathroom
Clover Boldt’s room
 Her reception room
I didn’t see a room for the son. I’m assuming that will be finished in due time.
Let’s go upstairs (again)
Next to the stained glass ceiling
None of the rooms up here were finished, and most of them were closed off due to people defacing the walls.
We finally reached the top balcony, which gave incredible views of the St Lawrence River.
Hearts everywhere!
and faces everywhere!

That’s it! Of course I’m sure there were tons of small details that we missed, but I’m definitely planning on going back there in the future. It was a lot to take in and we went twice. I don’t think it will ever get old. It was a beautiful place inside and out. Unforgettable memories! Thanks for touring it with me!


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