Testing the law of attraction

This is a story post, so get cozy and spend a couple of minutes with me!

Chapter 1: Another internet trend?

Everyone on the internet was talking about The Secret, a groundbreaking book that was making it’s rounds online. I didn’t know much about it, but everyone said it had something to do with shifting your vibration to attract the things that you want in life.

As usual, I didn’t pay much attention to The Secret or the Law of Attraction at first. I had always been taught that if you want something, you have to actually put in the work to make it happen.

And while that is true, achieving a goal can sometimes be similar to an iceberg. On top, you have the work that you must put in to achieve said goal.

Underneath, there is a great deal mental work that you will also have to complete. This is especially true for people who are breaking generational cycles or are working towards big goals and dreams.

As I continued to spend time online, I started seeing more and more videos about manifesting and the law of attraction. I couldn’t ignore them, so I listened to what they had to say.

I was quite surprised to discover that the Law of Attraction was actually very basic and made a lot of sense.

I decided to put it to the test.

Testing something like this helps me validate if something is worth putting more of my energy into. I didn’t want to focus on the Law of Attraction if if were simply just some trending topic on the internet.

I wanted to test it out with something small that was far beyond my control. Luckily I had a beach trip coming up and I knew just what I wanted to do.

Chapter 2: The test

I decided that I wanted to manifest something so tiny, that it would be a clear sign from the universe that the law of attraction wasn’t just a myth.

I wanted to manifest a shark tooth.

Every year my family takes a trip to South Carolina for a week. We have looked for shark teeth in the wild (we don’t want to purchase one from the store), but we have never been able to find one.

We’ve spend lots of time searching to no avail. And I knew it was the perfect way to test the LOA.

I had 5 days at the beach that year and I didn’t want to waste any time. I did the mindset work before we arrived at the beach.

I told my girls that we are going to find a shark tooth.

I told myself that we are going to find a shark tooth.

I had affirmations for finding a sharks tooth such as “I am attracting a shark tooth into my life” and “I am so happy that I found a shark tooth at the beach this year.”

My family started searching for the tooth when we found shells washed up on the beach. Of course, we found nothing on the first night.

Or the second day

Or the third day

I didn’t give up and I kept searching and repeating affirmations.

Chapter 3: The tooth

The end of the trip was coming and I wasn’t giving up at all. I knew that if I left the beach without a shark tooth, I was less likely to put any energy into the law of attraction.

I continued to repeat my affirmations and keeping my mind in the right place so that I could attract the tooth.

I know people go to the beach and find shark teeth all the time, but we have never found one in all of our years of searching.

It was the last night and I still hadn’t found the shark tooth, I wanted to maintain a positive attitude, so I kept on with my affirmations and positive quotes.

It was time to leave.

Every year we always take a quick walk on the beach in the morning before we get in the car and drive home.

We found a pile of shells and decided to take one quick look for a tooth.

And to my surprise…


I could not believe it. After all of our searching I never thought we would find one at the very last few minutes of our trip.

It completely shifted my mindset forever and now I am a firm believer in the law of attraction and that is why I am always telling you about it!

I used the law of attraction to supercharge manifesting an elegant and classy lifestyle.

It helped me get my mind in the right place to attract the things that I wanted in my life.

Law of Attraction 101

The law of Attraction can be very simply put and it is easier to understand as I thought it would be.

The basic idea is that whatever you focus on is what you will attract into your life. This includes what you talk about, worry about, listen to, and the content you consume is essentially what you will create more of in your life.

It can be more complex when you start going through all of the laws of the universe, but whatever you think about will make it’s way to you.

Final thoughts

I hope this introduction to the law of attractions makes you want to look further into manifesting. Perhaps you will even read the book The Secret and unlock some of the secrets of the universe for yourself.

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