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Your guide to the ‘everything’ shower

I’m a low maintenance girl. I don’t spend too much time in the shower. But every once in a while I tend to take a longer shower than usual where I spend a little bit of extra time on my self care. Apparently it’s not just me. It’s a thing. And it’s called the everything shower.

The everything shower has become a trend on tik tok and I was pleasantly surprised to see that other women are doing the same thing that I do.

Inspired by tik tok I decided to elevate my everything shower experience. I’m already working on making my hair healthier and taking better care of my skin, so I figured this was the perfect time to extend my shower routine.

In today’s post I’m taking you through my everything shower routine, including pre shower and post shower.

everything shower


A cozy outfit

I never take an everything shower when I have to leave the house for something. It’s always at a time when I don’t have to go anywhere and I can stay at home and relax for the rest of the evening. I love a good pair of satin pajamas for when I get out.

Setting the mood.

Because I know this is going to be a lengthy experience I like to set the mood in the bathroom. Sometimes I like to light a candle. I always have some sort of music playing so I can be more relaxed.

Remove makeup

If I have makeup on I like to use my makeup removing wipes to remove my makeup. I will cleanse my face again in the shower but I don’t like going into the shower with a full face of makeup.

Dry body brushing

I recently started dry brushing. The older I get the more obsessed I become with taking care of my skin. I only have one body for the rest of my life and I want to treat it well. 

I purchased this brush from Target and I will dry brush my body for about 4 minutes or so before I get in the shower.

If you don’t know what dry brushing is or how to do it, you can find a lot of information about it on youtube or tik tok. I have been hearing about dry brushing for years now and I’m glad that I finally decided to add it to my routine.

Teeth whitening.

I don’t whiten my teeth all the time, but if it is time to do some whitening I will do so during my everything shower. I apply whitestrips right before I get in the shower and by the time I’m done, it’s usually time to remove them.

The Shower

Now that I’ve done all the prep work for the shower. It is finally time to get in the shower. But where do I start? There are so many steps. I am very particular about the order in which I do things, so let’s go through it shall we?


I always shampoo first. I like to apply my shampoo and then use my scalp massager for about 2 minutes around my head to stimulate my hair follicles. Then I rinse out the shampoo.

Hair mask.

Now it’s time to apply my hair mask. I use it’s a 10 and I step out of the water, ring my hair out so that it isn’t soaking wet. Then I apply my hair mask and cover with a plastic shower cap to set in my hair while I complete the next steps.


This is the time for any necessary grooming that needs to be done. It gives my hair mask some more time to work.

Foot scrub

I always love how smooth my feet are after getting a pedicure, so I am sure to use a foot scrubber on my feet for just about a minute or so. It helps to keep the skin on my feet soft and I love the results. I don’t enjoy trying to balance on one foot though

Body Scrub

I love to exfoliate my skin with a body scrub. Normally I use a scrub from Victoria’s Secret and If I run out of it I simply just use sugar with a little bit of water. It makes my skin incredibly soft.

Rinse out the hair mask + conditioner

It’s time to remove my shower cap and rinse out the hair mask before applying conditioner to my hair. I know some women like to use their mask before getting in the shower but this is just the way I prefer to do it.

Wash my face

I always cleanse my face in the shower just in case there was some product that made contact with my skin. I never want to risk breakouts because I didn’t cleanse my skin properly

Body Wash

The final step of being in the shower is to use body wash. I always do this last so that I can wash off any product on my body from all of the previous steps. I like to use a lot of soap and lather it really well so that I’m covered in soap bubbles.

Post Shower

In case you thought I was done listing my steps, I’m not. Because now I move to the post shower routine.

Remove whitestrips and brush my teeth.

While I’m drying off in my towel I take this time to remove my whitestrips and brush my teeth. I don’t like to leave the strips on too long because sometimes it can cause sensitivity. This is the perfect amount of time for my body to dry a little bit.

Moisturize my face

I like to use the moisturizer before applying lotion to my body because I don’t want to get any lotion residue on my skin.

The Cozy robe + lotion

I never thought I needed a cozy robe. I work at Victoria’s Secret and we always have robes in stock, but I bought them for my kids and not myself because I didn’t see the point in having one. 

Now that I have leveled up my shower routine, I love wearing the robe while I am finishing up with post shower. I apply lotion to my upper body, put on the robe, and then apply lotion to my lower body. 

Brush my hair + leave in product.

This is the final step in my routine before I get dressed. I like to detangle my hair and apply a leave in product so that it is soft and smells good for the rest of the night.

Cozy pajamas

It’s finally time to get dressed! I love any kind of cozy pajamas since my hair will be wet from the shower and I will most likely be chilly. Now it’s time to get in bed and read a book.

Final thoughts…

I’m really happy that I decided to add a couple of extra steps to my everything shower routine. I feel like as I get older I need to incorporate new things into my self care routine to make sure I am treating my body the way I should be. 

I hope you use this post for inspiration to level up your everything shower routine.

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