11 Ways to have a classy girl summer

Summer is finally here! If you haven’t already, it’s time to decide what type of summer you want to have. These months should be filled with warmth, laughter, travel, and good energy.

If you want to work on becoming an elegant woman this summer, I have a list of ideas for how to make it happen.

classy girl summer

1. Create an elegant summer wardrobe

It’s time to create a wardrobe that you feel confident in. Clean out your closet and get rid of clothes that are ill fitting, you don’t wear, or are stained/torn.

Replace those items with good quality pieces of clothing that are elegant, reflect your personal style and colors that compliment your skin tone.

Sometimes upgrading your wardrobe can be difficult and time consuming, but you will be so happy you put in the work when people are complimenting your outfits all the time.

2. Trade your usual music for elegant music

One of the smallest changes I have made on my elegance journey is changing the music that I listen to.

Surprisingly, I’ve experienced quite a bit of payoff from that one change. I used to listen to a lot of hip-hop and rap music. I like the beat mostly.

We can all agree that most rap songs radiate toxic, classy low vibrational energy. Energy that simply isn’t aligned with elegant living

I couldn’t sleep one night, so I created a playlist of beautiful piano solos. I started listening to it In the morning when I woke up, and throughout the day.

Instantly it made me feel more elegant and more aligned with my dream lifestyle.

3. Set boundaries and stick to them

One of the easiest ways to let your life spiral out of control is to not set boundaries. Or to set boundaries and not stick to them.

Setting boundaries helps you live a more relaxed, peaceful life. They also keep low quality people away from you.

If you haven’t set clear boundaries, it’s time to start working on them.

4. Prioritize your happiness

When I heard the trend of ‘main character energy’ going around the internet, I ignored the content because it seemed like people were using a popular term to get clicks.

After putting some thought into it, I realized that I also give main character advice to my blog readers, I just call it prioritizing happiness.

It can be easy to focus on other people and lose yourself in the process. If you’re a mother, then I’m sure you already know that it’s easy to spend all of your time focusing on your children and not enough time on yourself.

It’s important to focus on yourself and your happiness. When you are happy and fulfilled, you are able to show up as the best version of yourself for your loved ones.

If you want to learn how I prioritize my happiness, you can read this post

5. Avoid low quality activities

You can’t live an elegant summer if you are still participating in low vibrational activities. Excessive partying, drinking too much, spending time with low quality people, etc.

A classy girl summer means participating in activities that are aligned with your goals and dreams. It means you are focused on taking your life to the next level and nurturing yourself in a healthy way.

6. Listen to affirmations

Affirmations are like taking your gym to the spa. You can find positive affirmations for nearly anything you want to achieve, but having elegant affirmations to listen to will always keep you in a positive mindset. 

I have a free elegant affirmations video I think you will love.

7. Connect with nature

Don’t forget to connect with nature. Especially if you live in the city, take a trip somewhere you would never go. Camping, or a long hiking trip. Something that puts your more in touch with mother earth.

I love doing waterfall hikes, going to the beach and I also like to connect with nature by raising monarch butterflies. 

8. Host elegant events or attend elegant events

Try hosting your first elegant event or attending a fancy restaurant with your friends. You can throw a white party, or other summer events that you’ve never hosted before.

This is your chance to practice your hosting skills and decorating skills if you are throwing an event. If you feel overwhelmed doing it yourself, perhaps you can co host with a friend.

9. Take an elegance course

Of course one of the best things you can do for yourself is take an elegance course. If you want to become an elegant woman but you are overwhelmed with all of the information on the internet, you can get a step by step guide in an online course.

My signature program, Modern Elegance Simplified is designed to help you go from every day woman to present day Princess Diana in just 60 days or less. It will be the best money you’ve ever spent.

Learn all the skills necessary to become the classiest woman in the room.

  • 20+ Etiquette rules all elegant women should know.
  • How to dress like an elegant woman.
  • Elegant tips I’ve learned from the Royal Family.
  • How to command attention in a classy way.
  • How to be elegant in a toxic situation.
  • 50 Ways to be elegant each day.
  • 7 ways to boost your intelligence.
  • 5 ways to be more sophisticated
  • Hobbies elegant women have
  • 10 ways to look polished every day
  • How to be graceful like a Princess
  • …and more!

10. Learn the art of creating memories

Memories are so special to me. Ever since I had my kids, I realized how quickly time flies and how hard it is to remember all the beautiful little details.

If you are leveling up and becoming an elegant woman, this will be a summer you won’t ever want to forget.

Last year I wanted to learn how to be more intentional about creating memories and storing them in my mind forever. I also wanted to learn how to trigger the memories in the future. A great way to elevate your summer is to learn how to freeze the good memories and keep them forever.

11. Read books

I read every genre of book and I enjoy them all. I currently read about 100 books per year and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Few things are better than sitting by the beach or the pool and getting lost in a different world.

If you don’t want to read a story, go for a personal development book instead.

12. Spend time with the people you love the most

I saw a tik tok the other day about how it is hard for adults to spend time with close friends. Work and family often get in the way, and before we realize it, a lot of time has passed since we last spent time with friends.

Put your loved ones at the top of your priority list this summer. Make plans with them as often as you can and enjoy some quality time.

13. Volunteer

One of the things that really elevates your life is giving back in whatever way you can. Donate to your local food bank, volunteer at your church or a local school that might be serving lunches in the summer. Do your best to be a light in your community.

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