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It’s time to discuss the book for June, and I chose Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner. This is book is perfect to read by the beach or the pool because it gives off the best summer vibes. It’s quick and easy to read, but pretty juicy as well.

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Hi there! It’s so nice to have you in the book club! If you are new here, my name is Victoria and I started this book club as a way to escape the crazy things that are currently happening in the world. I had already watched so many shows on Netflix, my eyes just couldn’t handle it anymore.

I’ve always been a love of non-fiction books, personal finance, personal development, etc. But recently I started reading fiction and my life is forever changed.

I started this book club to bring people together for book ideas and discussions. Every book I mention in the #bombshellbook club is one that I truly enjoyed reading.

I’ll probably start a post about all of the books on my DNF (did not finish) list, because you might like some of those as well.

Anyways, enough of my introduction. Let’s talk about Big Summer.

What is Big Summer about?

Big Summer is roller coaster of story following a plus size social media influencer and her high society friend…or should I say ex friend.

The two are reunited for a weekend over the summer where some crazy events take place and one of them has to figure out how to resolve the whole situation.

It’s a fun and easy read that really puts you in the summer mood. It only took me a couple of days to read.

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    Should I read Big Summer?

    Yes! But I have to give you an important piece of advice before you do. I think it is best to not read any more information about the book before you start reading.

    That is why I didn’t go into much detail in my review above. This is one of those books that I messed up and watched some reviews online about it and instantly regretted it because it took away the element of surprise from the story.

    I like being completely shocked when something major happens in the stories that I read.

    If you want to be more informed before you read the book, by all means check out a full description, but in my opinion it takes all the fun out of the story line.

    In conclusion, this is book is perfect to read by the beach or pool and should definitely be on your summer reading list.

    The book for July is Oona Out of Order and I just finished reading it. I can’t wait to discuss this one.

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