How to have a Girl Boss mindset

The Girl Boss mindset: The key to unlocking your inner GirlBoss

Hi and welcome back to my Girl Boss series! This has been such a fun series to write so far and I’m so glad you are here with me today. 

Obviously, you stumbled upon this post because you are ready to take the steps to becoming a total boss in every aspect of your life and for that I have to say congrats.

And before we go any further, I want to clarify that you can be a Girl Boss in any and every aspect of your life.
Of course, when we think of Girl Bosses, we think of powerful women who are wealthy and well known.
But really, you can be a Girl Boss no matter where you are in life.
Stay at home mom like me? You can handle your responsibilities like a BOSS. Are you currently in college? Do you love to travel? Are you really focused on building wealth? You can be a Girl Boss in whatever you do.
Fall in love…
…With YOURSELF! I can not stress this enough! You will never be able to achieve the highest level of success possible if you are not absolutely in love with yourself and confident in yourself. In today’s day and age, I know there are so many women who are always down on themselves.
They have body image issues, or they are not confident in the workplace, or the worst…they feel like they always need a man in their life. You need to learn that you are an amazing woman who can achieve anything no matter what other people say or think about you! For some it might take a while to completely fall in love with themselves, but I promise that once you do, it is life changing!
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Stay educated

One thing I realized is that knowledge is power. With the world at our fingertips these days, there is no excuse for living life without expanding your knowledge. 

You need to stay reading books, listening to audiobooks, podcasts, magazines, and apps. Anything you can use to expand your knowledge. Let me tell you that when I started watching less NETFLIX nad reading more books I honestly felt amazing! It was incredible! I wouldn’t tell you this if it wasn’t going to help you!

Eliminate toxicity from your mind.
Our minds can often become contaminated with toxic things. Whether your have problems at work, maybe your are being bullied online, maybe you just feel like your mind is being overstimulated, it is very important that you do a mind cleanse.
I did a mind cleanse and it absolutely changed everything. Every full moon I try my best to do a mind cleanse and I just love the way it has improved my mental health. I wrote a whole article about doing a Mind Cleanse so be sure to check it out!
Be hungry for success

A ‘problem’ that I have developed as of late is that I am never satisfied. I always feel like I should be doing more, I always feel like I need to learn something new, or make more money or just be a better mom. Sometimes I feel like it’s a burden, but at the end of the day I love that I’m never satisfied. I love that I love to better myself because I am just a natural ‘Go Getter’. 

If you want to be a Girl Boss then you have to be able to want something and be willing to work non stop until you get it. And as soon as you do, you are making new goals for yourself to continue leveling up.

Remove toxic people from your life

I’ve already mentioned cleansing your mind, but guess what? You kind of are the people who you associate with. If you have extremely negative, toxic, non encouraging people in your life, DITCH THEM! You need to make room in your life for success, happiness and excellent mental health! I know it can be hard to distance yourself from your friends, but if they aren’t doing anything good for you then you don’t need them anyway.

These are the steps I took to make some serious improvements in my life and I know they will help you too!

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