The ONLY Nail Polish that Queen Elizabeth will wear…

Queen Elizabeth will only wear one type of Nail Polish
…And it only costs $9!!!
If you haven’t noticed by my previous post, I really enjoy following the British Royal Family. I recently posted all the details about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship, and while I was doing my research, I discovered that Queen Elizabeth is very particular about the kind of nail polish she wears. This was intriguing to me because obviously the Queen has anything she wants at her disposal, So I definitely was curious as to which kind she prefers to wear. It turns out that the Queen is just like us. The only nail polish she will wear is:
Essie: Ballet Slippers

Ballet Slippers is a classic pale pink color with a bit of a sheer finish. It is classy, neutral and the perfect polish for your collection!

Do you wear this nail polish? What is your go to polish? I need to add new colors to my collection!

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