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Money Affirmations for wealth and financial freedom


If you have been on the internet within the past year or so, you might have seen people talking about affirmations and the law of attraction.

People all over the world talk about how affirmations changed their lives and how they were able to overcome certain things in life thanks to repeating daily affirmations to themselves.


If you are anything like me, you probably ignored this for a long time. I would see pins about affirmations on pinterest, people talking about them on youtube, but I wouldn’t pay them any mind.

I wasn’t interested because I didn’t see how saying things to yourself could make a change in life. I have always been more of an action type of gal.

Well I’ve been on a financial freedom journey for a long time now. About a year and a half ago, my family was really struggling financially.

We were barely staying above water with our bills and it was an ongoing stress fest. I finally got fed-up with living paycheck to paycheck and always being broke.

I decided I was going to change my life and never look back.


During that time, I learned a lot of super valuable stuff, and one of the things that I learned was about the power of affirmations.


What are affirmations?

Affirmations are positive things that you repeat to yourself regularly in order to reprogram your mind to have healthier thoughts.  


How are affirmations supposed to work?

The human mind is a powerful, powerful, thing, and it has been proven for years that we become what we are.

If you are in a negative mindset about money, the chances of you overcoming financial hardship and becoming financially free are slim to none.

By changing your thoughts about money, you are opening yourself to endless opportunities.


“Thoughts are things.”


Do affirmations work?

Yes. Yes they do. Trust me, I wouldn’t put time into creating something if it didn’t truly change my life. I started affirmations and saw and almost immediate result.

It’s amazing how our thoughts can shape the path that we are on.

My first affirmation was “I love money.”

The reason why I started with this affirmation was because I would always say “I hate money.” When I would talk to my friends and to my husband I was always complaining how much I hated the money struggle.

I hated being late on bills and I hated not having enough money and I hate money.

Having such a negative outlook on money was part of the reason why I was struggling with money so much.

How could I ever have financial success with that attitude?

I started each morning saying I love money. Just once, out loud. Then every time I started to say I hate money, I would stop myself and say I love money.

After about a week of this, I realized that I heard a lot of people say they hate money. But instead of agreeing with them, I saw that as negative and I could already tell that my money mindset was changing!

I got addicted to this new way of thinking and started adding more affirmations to my daily routine.

Here are the Affirmations that completely changed my financial life

  • I love money
  • I deserve to make millions of dollars
  • I am a millionaire
  • I love making lots of money
  • I attract wealth easily
  • I can change my life with money
  • My bank account grows each day
  • The world is filled with money
  • Money is abundant
  • I am wealthy
  • I have massive amounts of money
  • Each day I become more powerful
  • Money works for me
  • I can afford to live the life of my dreams
  • I created the life I love
  • I am a girl boss
  • I am a money magnet
  • I create my own reality
  • Opportunities surround me at all times
  • I control my destiny
  • Wealth comes to me from many sources
  • I am extremely successful
  • I have a millionaire mind
  • I can make my dreams come true
  • I make money while I sleep
  • I am grateful for my success
  • My life is amazing
  • I continue to move forward each day
  • I wake up with more money each day
  • Nothing can stop me from making money

There are different ways that I incorporate affirmations in my life. Sometimes I like to write a couple on the bathroom mirror so I will see them when I brush my teeth in the morning.

Sometimes I just read the list aloud. Sometimes I save some on my phone so that I can remember to say them.

Either way, by turning my money thoughts from negative to positive really changed my entire life.

I stopped being afraid of money, I stopped feeling like I wasn’t good enough to make lots of money and I stopped limiting all of my thoughts of success.

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