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Gorgeous Little Life is coming! And designed by my little girls!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since April. I feel so bad for neglecting this blog but I’ve realized that blogging on a regular basis really is a lot of work! Summer is almost here and I can’t wait for late nights and days in the pool with my girls. This year though, they will be wearing their own bikini designs and I can’t believe it!!

Alexa and Zoey have both shown and interest in design when they watch me do my work. They love working with the fabric samples and the sketches and then planning he photo shoots and shipping packages. They love every little detail about it and so I decided to really let them get hands on themselves be designing their own bikinis. This has been a long time coming because I’ve always wanted to have children’s swimwear in my shop. Today I’m going to go a little bit more behind the scenes of the design process that I did with them.

Mood Board: Finding inspiration.

The first step in designing is to gather inspiration and put it all in a mood board. This is what you refer to when you are in the actual design process. This is where all of your ideas come for fabrics and other items. I started by making a list of their favorite things.

Alexa really loves rocks and gems, so this was an easy play to call. She also like seashells but we stuck with gems as the main focus this time.

Zoey loves anything pink but much to my surprise she said she wanted really colorful stuff, rainbows and such.

We took to Pinterest for inspiration photos after nailing down what the main idea would be. This was the fun part. The girls are 8 and 5 so they love looking at new things on Pinterest. After a while, these are the things they settled on.

Alexa’s favorite color is purple so all of the amethyst gems really stood out to her. We made a collage and boom! Mood board.

Zoey was getting distracted by all the colorful hair on Pinterest, she really wants to have pink hair. Eventually she settled on a few images.

Using the mood board: choosing fabrics.

This was really fun. The girls learned how to create and use mood boards for design and now they are super into making them! Anyways, after talking about the mood boards, and the main idea for the fabrics, Zoey chose these fabric prints

And Alexa chose these

After nailing down the fabrics they liked, it was time to choose one favorite.

Alexa ended up choosing the purple gem print and Zoey had to have the rainbow printed fabric. We orderedthe swatches  and they arrived last night!

The other two swatches are for my summer bikini collection and I’m obsessed with them!

Now we are moving on to designing the actual swimsuit itself. I think Alexa wants ruffles and Zoey doesn’t something like that so we will see what they choose! I can’t wait!


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