DIY Tumblr inspired bath

I have the craziest thing to admit…I am 27 years old and only recently took my very first bath as an adult. How crazy is that? Okay here’s the thing, I really enjoy showers and never felt the desire to take a bath. I would always make the shower a relaxing experience. I would light candles and play relaxing music because his helped with my anxiety. Showers were all I really needed until recently.

Back in the fall, I made my own DIY bath bombs and it was so much fun! But in order for me to fully enjoy them I actually had to take a bath with them and I actually really liked it! Now I can’t get enough and often take baths after everyone is asleep because it is when I can fully relax. 

I often find myself getting lost on Tumblr and finding these amazing luxurious bath images so I decided to look around on the web for things to make the perfect Tumblr bath. 

Here is a bunch of things you can get to enhance your bathtime experience. Do you use any of these products alreay? Let me know in the comments!


Image via Tumblr 

I use candles for intimate lighting as well as for aromatherapy. I always choose candle scents that will soothe me like vanilla and lavender.

I also came across this awesome bath light on Amazon that might be worth checking out! Find it here


Typically I enjoy catching up on my shows while I’m in the bath and I personally don’t drink wine but if you do, a bath tray might be perfect for you! There are all kinds of trays for your tablet or you could listen to music via a wireless speaker.

Bath Bombs

If you are like me, you have also been sucked into the whole bath bomb phase. I can’t avoid it they are just so fun to drop in the water and watch as they dissolve. If you don’t have a LUSH store near you, you can make your own bath bombs or find them at bath and body works!


Lastly, you can use a bath oil as part of your aromatherapy. Bath and body works has some bath/massage oil that smells incredible and is great quality. Definitely my favorite so far. Find it here

I hope you found this post helpful! I believe that baths help with my anxiety. It’s really nice to relax after a long day. 

Talk soon!



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