My first year doing Elf on the shelf! 

Hi Dolls

So I know Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet but I am consumed by Elf on the shelf this year! I really love having new traditions on holidays and this one is perfect for kids!

I have never done Elf on the shelf before, but tons of my friends did it last year and shared all of their ideas to Facebook.  My girls aren’t too big on Santa, so I just didn’t see the need for an Elf. I think.

For any of you who are starting this year, you can purchase Elf on the shelf pretty much anywhere. Target is where I would go to pick it up. It comes in a cute box and you can pick a boy or a girl. The kit includes a story book that you can read to your children as a way to introduce your Elf to your children.

That is fantastic and all, but I am a little concerned that my 7 year old won’t buy it if she sees the elf in the stores, so I am going for a non traditional type of elf. I am using a Barbie! Yesss. Our Elf on the shelf will be fierce hunny! So her name will be Jezebel and she will be arriving on December 1st! I can’t wait!

I am using one of the girls old Barbie dolls and I ordered this adorable little crochet santa outfit from etsy! She will also be wearing silver high heels! Indeed the fiercest elf on the shelf ever! I will update this photo with my own when the outfit arrives. Etsy shop name is Nobodyknitsitbetter 🙂

Moving Jezebel is going to be fun for sure. I have seen some great ideas around the web, but I already have a couple of good ideas under my sleeve that I can’t wait to share with you! I will add new photos to this post every day in December,  hopefully it will give you some ideas! Until then, here are just a few of my favorites!

Update: On Thanksgiving the girls received letters in their mailboxes from Jezebel. She is coming soon!

Day 1. 11.27.2016 Jezebel brings a treat!

Elf on the shelf
Elf on the shelf: Jezebel brings a treat

Day 2: Jezebel babysat last night and fed all the kids chocolate cake!

Elf on the shelf

Day 3: Jezebel loves treasure and burried some gold dollars in the sand for the bygirls to find!

Elf on the shelf elf on the shelf ideas elf burries treasure christmas tradition for kids

Day 4: Mandatory snow angel pic 🙂


Day 5: Jezebel knows the girls love to color so she brought them coloring books.


Day 6: Jezebel is sick


Day 7: Jezebel put bows all over the bathroom.


Day 8: Jezebel brings Gingerbread houses!

Day 9: Tony has suited up and taken Jezebel for a ride!


Day 10: Jezebel was too hot and wanted to relax in the fridge


Day 11: Jezebel put the girls undies on the Christmas Tree but I didn’t want to share a pic of their undies!

Day 12: Jezebel wanted us to have a snowball fight!


Day 13: Jezebel brought Glow Sticks


Day 14: Jezebel and the minions tried to decorate a gingerbread cookie and made a mess!


Day 15: Makeup party !


Day 16: Sleepover party


Here are some of the best ideas from the web!

Are you doing Elf on the shelf? Have any ideas? Let me know!!

*all of these Ideas are sourced from pinterest. Unless they are watermarked, I have no Idea about the original source.


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