Christmas Routine: Holiday Cards, presents, family photos, etc. 

With Thanksgiving coming up next week *omg* It’s pretty much Christmas season. Anyone who knows me knows that Christmas is my least favorite holiday of them all, but I still make sure I fill the month of December with fun activities the kids shopping and spreading holiday cheer. You may he wondering is it necessary to have a Christmas routine? For me, yes. Between the hustle and bustle of it all, trying to keep up with traditions and get all of our things done I have created my own little system over the years. This helps me be organized so that I’m not running around frantic the week before Christmas.  Lets get into it!

Black Friday: Christmas Tree, shopping, setting up the girl’s tree: I used to work retail, and because of that I learned that Black Friday is just pure chaos. I try to avoid shopping but come on, I’m a woman-I love to shop. I may go out just to see what the deals are. I won’t stand in horrendous lines, usually the stores calm down in the evening on Friday and it isn’t too hateful. 

We usually get our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. It gives it time for the branches to fall and settle before we decorate it (no later than Dec 1st) We just go to home depot usually, we don’t go and cut or own tree down or anything,  but I really do love everything about having a real tree. We have wood floors in our house so the needle droppings are easy to clean up. 

We always set up the girl’s tree on Black Friday. I bought them a pink 3 foot Christmas tree when my oldest was an infant and now it has become tradition for them to have their own tree in their room. They absolutely love it! And it gives them something to decorate while the real tree is settling. We also hang Christmas lights in their room too, so they really have a good time with Christmas. 

December 1st: Decorate Christmas Tree

December 1st, Holiday Cards in the mail: With my friends and family growing and moving around the country, it is important to me that I make sure everyone gets a holiday card by the first week of December. This way, they can hang our holiday photo on the fridge for the whole month. (Who wouldn’t want to see our beautiful faces all month)? If I don’t get them sent out early enough,  I find it pointless to send them out a week or two before Christmas, and they won’t get sent at all. 
We purchase our holiday cards from Hobby Lobby. No, I do not have family photo cards made every year. I am simply not into that kind of thing. Instead, I dress my girls up in their Holiday outfits and photograph them myself. It’s best when we get a dusting of snow, I run them outside, have them smile real quick and boom! It’s done. But we haven’t had snow before Christmas here in a couple years, So I might take them to a Christmas Tree farm, or just photograh them at home with a white backdrop. I have them printed off and just throw them in with the holiday cards.  

First week of December, photo ornaments are mailed out: I love photo ornaments!  I think they are a great way to spread cheer every year. My nieces and nephew are the same age as my daughters, so they love getting photo ornaments to hang on their tree! I send these out early December so they have plenty of time on their tree before Christmas. I get photo frame ornaments from Michaels or Hobby Lobby and print a holiday themed photo of the girls to go inside. These also make great gifts! 

Second week of December: Gingerbread Houses!! Okay probably my favorite thing to do during the Christmas Holiday is Gingerbread houses. I don’t make them from scratch, it just takes forever. I just get a kit from either 5 Below, or Michaels. The mini village kit is my favorite because it comes with 4 little houses that the girls can do. This year,  I am going to attempt a log cabin house which I have wanted to do for quite some time but I have just been much too lazy. I’m sure it will be super cute though and I can’t wait to make one! 

**Christmas movies and chill happens all month long, btw 🙂 

3rd week of December: Gingerbread cookie party! My friend and I started a tradition when my daughter was an infant to do christmas cookies every year. So far, we have been able to get together six years! This year will be number 7! I bake Gingerbread cookies from scratch the day before and then we all decorate them together…and then we eat some together. It really is so amazing watching your children grow up with traditions. I will share our cookie party with you this year for sure!

3rd week of December, gift wrapping: Usually I am done Christmas shopling by the end of the 3rd week of December. I normall wrap presents as I get them, but last year I remember staying up late at night getting them all done. I purchase my wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby by the way, they have great deals. 

Presents for the kids: Over the years I have learned to go for experiences rather than things. Of course every child wants to wake up to a million things under the tree, but our kids don’t play with toys at all! Its beyond frustrating! We have spent lots of money on them on Christmas only to have to beg them to play with the things we got them. This year is going to be much different. All of their toys I have purchased throughout the year in the clearance section of either Target or Walmart for under $10. Zoey is getting a bike, but that is the only big ticket item we are getting. Otherwise they are getting movies, and gift cards or money to do activities. Nail salon, indoor pool, skating rink, movie tickets, etc. Those will actually be set aside and I will give them those presents throughout the month of Jamuary. They both have these little maolboxes in their room that I slip notes in while they are sleeping. During the month of January, I will slip the gift card or money along with a note in their mailbox overnight, so they will wake up and see that we have an activity to do that day. They will also get art supplies as they love to draw, color and paint but at this point..I’m done buying barbies and other pointless toys. 

I hope this routine gives you some inspiration for your holiday season. Do you do any of these things? Do you have traditions that I should try? Let me know! 

Have a lovely week!


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