3 Halloween Projects you can do right now!

Only a couple weeks left before Halloween!

I have been slowly chipping away at Halloween projects throughout the month and I really love doing new and creative things. It keeps the girls and I busy during the days and we get to create fun memories together. These aren’t original ideas, just things that I have found across the web and decided to give a try. These are all incredibly simple to do and are all under $10 each-which is the best part! I love finding inexpensive projects.

Bloody Candle


This was very easy, fun and looks really cute as a decoration in the house. All I did was grab a white candle from hobby lobby as well as a small red one.

I then lit the red candle on fire and let it drip down the sides of the white candle to look like blood. It took me about ten minutes and turned out great! Definitely a must try.

Dry Ice Witch Cauldron


Every single year I want to do something with dry ice but I never got around to doing it. Part of the reason was because absolutely nobody in my area carries dry ice. I called half a dozen stores trying to find it and finally did at Harris Teeter, 35 minutes away from my house. It was definitely worth the trip, it made the girls really happy. They were so fascinated with the whole thing. I purchased the ceramic cauldron from the dollar section at Target. I was looking for one just like this last year but couldn’t find one anywhere, so I snatched this one up as soon as I saw it.

All I did was put the dry ice in and pour hot water on it, it instantly created the ‘smoke’ effect. The girls and I pretend to create ‘potions’ in it and had a lovely time. I will definitely be doing this again before Halloween and in the years to come.

Cheesecloth Ghosts


The Cheesecloth Ghost project was so much fun. I was a little intimidated because I was worried that the cloth wouldn’t hold it’s shape. I purchased cheesecloth from Hobby Lobby, but word on the street is you can find it at the dollar store.

I used my kids old ball that they had gotten from a birthday party and set it on top of a flute champagne glass for the taller one and then I used a smaller ball on top of one of the kids empty crayola paint bottles for the shorter ghost. I mixed water and mod podge and dipped the cheesecloth in it, then squeezed the extra off before draping it over the ball. I let it dry for about 2 days because we went out of town. When I came back they had dried very nicely and stood up on their own. I used felt and hot glue for the ghost faces. The girls insisted that we make happy ghosts, so these are just about the friendliest ghosts you will ever see. They loved this project and so do I.

Will you be doing any of these projects? Let me know in the comments! Trying something else? I’d love to see! Leave your blog for me to check out. I live for Halloween crafts!

Stay Gorgeous!



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