It’s October 3rd: Mean Girls Day!!

Another fabulous Monday indeed! But this Monday is one of my favorite days of the year. It’s Mean Girls Day! Am I the only one who thinks that Mean Girls Day should be recognized as a national holiday?

mean girls.png

Mean Girls was released in April, 2004-12 years ago! Feeling old yet? If you haven’t seen the movie, it is about a girl named Cady (Lindsay Lohan) who spent most of her life living in Africa being homeschooled by her parents. She moved back to the states and has to adapt to a public high school. This is where she meets ‘The Plastics’ which is a group of mean girls that attend her school. She initially befriends them to spy on them for one of her less popular friends, but gets a little too caught up in the life of the Plastics. You can watch the trailer here. Mean Girls is truly one of my favorite movies in the entire world. October 3rd is the day things start heating up between Lindsay (Cady) and Aaron Samuels (her crush) He asks her what day it is, she says It’s “October 3rd”.


If you are obsessed with this movie, you might know these fascinating facts, but if not, you might be surprised by some of these!

  1. The movie was supposed to be titled ‘Homeschooled’ since Cady (Lindsay) was homeschooled in Africa most of her life. I definitely like the title ‘Mean Girls’ better.
  2. Tina Fey actually had to teach Kevin G how to rap. How crazy is that? His talent show song was actually written by Amy Poehler, but Tina actually showed him the moves!
  3. Regina George’s fabulous blonde hair was actually a wig.
  4. Amanda Seyfried was initally supposed to play Cady, and Lindsay was initially  to play Regina..Could you picture that? I can’t.
  5. Glenn Coco is a real person, who is a friend of Tina Fey                                                                       glen-coco
  6. An oral sex scene was removed from the movie so that it could be PG-13
  7. The movie was filmed in Canada, though it was set in Illinois
  8. Lindsay Lohan missed the first day of filming because she had pinkeye
  9. The film was almost forced to remove the wide set vagina line.
  10. Regina George’s house is located in Toronto and was put up for sale and listed at almost 15 million dollars!


That house is so fetch!

Anyone who loves Mean Girls needs some merch. Here are my favorite items inspired by the film.

Cool Mom water bottle


Glenn Coco sweater


“Really pretty” Mug


Burn Book Greeting Card

burn book card.jpg

Really cute little girls raglan tee

girls mean girls tee.jpg

Here are a couple of really cute behind the scenes photos from the movie. These were tweeted by Aaron Samuels 



And some other great screen grabs from the movie


Mean Girls is available on Netflix! I will be watching it today for old times sake!

Have a great week!


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