Woman Crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday: Ashley Graham

From the moment I first saw Ashley Grahm, Ashley has been modeling for sixteen years however, I became obsessed with her when she took the world by storm this past summer by being the very FIRST “plus size” model ever to land the COVER of Sports Illustrated, Swimsuit Edition. This is the first time in 52 years of the magazine’s existence that a woman Ashley’s (perfect) size has been on the cover. I don’t know about you but that made me extremely happy. Side note: she killed it! Check out this sexy cover shot!


Isn’t it incredible?? My gosh I can’t get over her!

In case you didn’t know, Ashley is married to Justin Ervin. The couple met in church (just like my husband and I) and married in 2010. Aren’t they cute together?


Ashley has her own Lingerie Line and is coming out with her own swimsuit line.

Ashley believes that body positivism starts at home and that parents should teach their children that beauty is not about your outward appearance, it is about what is in your heart. She says her mother taught her while she was young to appreciate and be proud of her body! She is absolutely stunning and I am so proud of her success! Check out my favorite pics of her 🙂


Get to know Ashley

Interview with The View 

Interview with ABC news

Interview with Ellen Degeneres

36 Hours with Ashley Graham: Vogue

Ashley’s swimsuit line


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