Obsessed: Round beds

Happy Saturday!

For the longest time I have wanted a round bed. I can’t remember where I first saw one, but I absolutely fell in love. Of course nothing is wrong with the bed I have now, but I still want to ditch it for a different shape. A round bed? Why? Some of you are probably thinking that. Really a round bed is completely unnecessary and over the top but I want one SO BAD!

Last week I searched the web to see if I could find a round bed for myself. My husband and I could use a new bed, but we want to find the perfect one and haven’t had any luck yet.

I sadly discovered that round beds are not very common and are mostly custom made. This is actually good because you can make sure that is made just for you. I was able to locate a place in Florida that makes them custom. You can find them here

As for bedding, I would assume that all bedding would have to be custom made as well. But I like it that way because it would be unique to me!

If I can convince my husband to order one for us, I will definitely let you know how it turns out. Until then, here are my favorite round beds from the web!


What do you think? super fab or totally unnecessary?


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