Teen Mom OG, Pretty Little Liars Recap + this weeks celeb gossip

SO MUCH has happened in Hollywood this week that I had to write about it. We had the VMA’s, celeb drama and then of course my shows are in full force. The two shows I’m loving are Pretty Little Liars, Keeping up with the Kardashians, WAGS, and Teen Mom OG. I know I know. They are guilty pleasures for sure. But lately Teen Mom and PLL have me hooked.

Teen Mom OG *Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t watched don’t read this part.

This weeks episode aired Sunday before the VMAs which for me was a real treat. I honestly have to say I really love this season for several reasons.


I’m glad that she finally got engaged but I do not believe that she had no idea she was pregnant. I mean, I guess there are plenty of women that don’t have symptoms but I just feel like it’s something you notice especially if you are showing already. I couldn’t be happier that it’s another boy, I think Maci is a wonderful mother and I’m excited to see the baby.


First of all, Amber looks so good! She fully transformed herself inside and out and it is a beautiful thing. Leah is adorable as well. I do understand why she is putting off the wedding and while I do think it’s weird that the other moms had solid proof that he had reached out to them, I guess it’s okay to give him another chance.


Nova is such a little doll. I am very happy for Cate and Ty as well as Butch who appears to be doing really well. As for Cate and Ty’s relationship with their daughter Carly’s adoptive parents  Brandon and Theresa, I think it’s sad but I do understand why they want to have privacy with her. I did not like how they behaved with Carly at the wedding last season though, not letting her talk to Butch and such.


I AM SO HAPPY about Farrah this season. That moment she had with her mom when they were looking through her baby book. I love how Farrah keeps Derek in their lives even though it is probably so painful for her. She seems more level headed than she’s ever been.

Pretty Little Liars


Tuesday was the summer finale of PLL. In my opinion, one of the best episodes yet. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t read until you watch. I saw spoiler headlines before actually watching and I avoided them because I wanted to be surprised…boy was I freaking surprised! Where in the world do I start?

Okay, Allison is pregnant?! out of all of them to get pregnant, it definitely shouldn’t be her. And she has a crazy for a baby daddy not sure if that is going to end well.

Allison and Emily kissed and I was like WTF

Hannah went straight savage

The entire scene in the house was insane. Noel Khan died a brutal death, Spencer was shot?! And Spencer found out that she was the other child.

Toby and his girl got into an awful car wreck and appear to be dead.

Jenna got abducted by…AD?

Ugh. CRAZY! This episode was was too much for me. I’ll definitely have to watch it again.

Now on to some juicy celeb drama!

Chris Brown had one helluva run in with the police this week after he was accused  of putting a gun to a woman’s head.

Poor Selena Gomez announced she was taking a break from showbiz because of her anxiety and depression from Lupus. This breaks my heart and I hope she’s in better spirits soon.

Drake and Rihanna kissed publicly on stage at their Miami concert and it was the cutest thing in the world!


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