5 Beauty trends to try this fall

Glitter Lips

Okay glitter lips have been a thing for quite a while now but I really fell in love last night when I saw Naomi Campbell sparkling all over the 2016 MTV VMAs red carpet.


Naomi’s look was achieved using the Pat McGrath Lipstick kit which will be available in Sephora stores September 8th.

pat mcgrath kit

You can also get the look for less by using your regular red lipstick, applying a gloss or last glue and then dabbing on some cosmetic glitter. Check out the tutorial for the look here

Bright undereye makeup

As seen on the beautiful Natalie Halcro. A bright fresh face is always in.

natalie halcro 7

tutorial on the look by Natalie herself here

Pull through braid

I absolutely love this look


tutorial by Kassinka

Eyelash extensions


I find these natural eyelash extensions much more tolerable than glue on last strips. I really can’t stand gluing on lash strips. I’m so bad at it and they feel weird on my eyes. If done properly, lash extensions in my opinion are a better option.

Arab eyeliner

I just think this is a really fierce eye look, that’s all 🙂

arab eyes

Here is an easy tutorial by Farah Dhukai

Did I miss anything? What are you into this season? Let me know!


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