Hello September! What I am looking forward to this fall.

Three weeks left of summer! I can not believe it!

I really had an amazing summer. Very low key, lots of relaxing and just clearing my mind. I don’t want summer to end but I LOVE Fall! I am excited for cozy clothes, cool weather and beautiful scenery as the leaves change.


I kind of have ADD when it comes to home décor. I don’t like to have the same décor out for too long and I constantly have to change it or else I tend to get very bored of it. Fall means cute pumpkins everywhere, yummy apple cinnamon candles and the kids get to make some fun fall art.

Cozy clothes

I love sweaters and jeans. I really just love being warm and comfy. I am so excited to start shopping for cute fall clothes. The weather here in Virginia is very hit or miss though. Last year we were sweating at the pumpkin patch, so I’m hoping it will be a tad cooler.


You may have already seen my post last week about getting ready for Sunday night football. If you are interested in reading it, check it out here. I love everything about football. I love that it brings people together, I love that when there’s football there’s usually good food involved and I love staying in and spending time with the family. It really doesn’t get much better.


Fall photo sessions are awesome because of the trees! I will be sharing some fall fashion looks with you as soon as I get some nice photos done. I plan on doing skyline drive with my family this year which is just stunningly beautiful.


Fall means staying in more, cooking hot meals and then getting ready for Thanksgiving. um YES.


Okay this one should have been first. I LOVE Halloween! I will be co hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner party this Halloween which I will keep you updated on, so I am really excited about that.

What are you looking forward to this fall?

Stay Gorgeous !

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