Get ready for football season: NFL fashion ideas, game day food ideas and more.

I love football season. I love going to the grocery store on Sunday morning and seeing everyone in their jerseys, I love the idea of being at home with your family eating, laughing and watching the game together. I love the sport of football in general so I enjoy watching all the games. September 8th is the first Sunday night football of the season. Here is everything that I’m into for NFL season


Duh! I mean its mandatory to have good food on game night No matter if it’s just family or all of your friends, food is key. One thing I’m really loving that I’ve been seeing online are snack stadiums! This is a pic of one that found on google, but I will be making my own for game day and will definitely share it with you.


Football cupcakes


Those are super cute and a really easy DIY for Game day

Jello Shots

jello shots.jpg


Pia Mia rocked this NFL tee in the fiercest way. Don’t shy away from buying Tees ladies, they can be dressed up and look hot

pia mia

Cute hair, cute makeup, football shirt

blonde hair


If you don’t have one already, order yourself a custom NFL wreath. They are the perfect decor for football season. If you are a one team family that awesome if you are a two team family you can have a house divided wreath made.

Why didn’t I think of this? Flower vase cover out of old football! Great way to preserve your sons old football

football flower vase

I can’t wait for football season! What are your game day traditions?

*These images are not my own and have been sourced from social media sites. If this is your image please contact me for credit or removal. Credit is given when source is known



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